Term 3 Week 7

Every Monday we head to the Kilbirnie pools for swimming. As well as swimming some groups also do diving, water safety and kayaking. Here is Izzy's writing about what she gets up to on a Monday.

W7 T3
Week 7 Term 3

On Tuesday we got into our Inquiry project groups to start thinking about what we want our learning to look like and be about for the next four weeks. We have a chicken group, a water group, an election group and a volunteer group. These are some of our initial ideas, wonderings, thoughts and questions.

These guys did a great job of organising Onesie Day on Friday in support of Wellington Free Ambulance. We made over 400 bucks!! Nice work team :)

On Friday the chicken group worked hard to get the area ready for the chickens arrival next week. It's great working with these guys and seeing how well they work together to get a job done :) Special guest appearance by Miss Watson and Lambie.

Getting rid of the old house and patching up some of the holes.

Making some places for the chooks to hang out, Axel and Stanley constructing a roost and Oscar creating a swing.

That's Lambie