Week 2 Term 2

W2 T2

Great to have the Pedal Ready crew in this week.

Monday with some of the year 5's.

Have you had your say yet about education in New Zealand? This week we filled in the education survey to add our voices to the conversation. The survey asks four questions, here are some of our responses:

If you were the boss of education in New Zealand, what would you do first?

"I would make all schools increase the school ages so they go to Year 8 or above."

"I would fix school damages and help children with transportation and other things they are struggling with as a student."

"I would allow children who can't afford school to be able to go without having the pressure of money. No child left behind. (Quote from Hunt for the Wilderpeople.)"

"Make programmes to help people catch up in their learning."

"I would make education for all people, not just the smart ones."

What does a successful student of the future look like to you?

"They wouldn't feel scared to ask questions."

"To me they would look smart, helpful, happy to help others with their learning."

"A successful student of the future will believe in themselves and be able to achieve their goals they have set their heart on."

"Success us enough education to be an inventor."

"A successful student will be happy to work in groups, they will be happy to share stuff with their fellow students. Hardworking and loyal."

What will they need to be able to know and do?

"Students should be able to cooperate with other students, know how to read, know how to write, know the value of money, know maths well and be nice to other students."

"How to cook, read, maths and writing so it's balanced."

"Code, mechanics and engineering so if I out them together, I can work on my ideas."

"To know the value of money and know what job you can do."

"They will need to know that sometimes school and life isn't easy and they will sometimes want to give up but they just have to keep working and get motivation."

What things need to be in place to make sure every learner is successful?

"Every learner has to have lunch, a bag academic humility and please don't make really uncomfortable uniforms."

"They aren't scared and they love to be curious. Some schools brag about things, every school should have the same equipment and a confident and loving teacher."

"Students need to know what they need to know to learn."

"Every school must have the same equipment."

"Go to school that has a good education and is a safe place."

It's been a busy week this week with Pedal Ready, Cross Country and production preparations, somewhere in amongst all that we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties and features, 1 point perspective drawing, focusing on our writing goals while doing persuasive writing and finishing reading our book Refugee. It was on the edge of your seat excitement on Thursday as we read the last three chapters and all the stories came together.

Lily and Mia in the HAEWAI mediation process at lunchtime.

Excitement before the cross country on Wednesday

Year 6 girls before the cross country on Wednesday - credit to James Wallace for this stunning photo.

Great to have such strong representation from Nikau in the school band. Tessa on violin, Nico on bass guuitar and Finn on guitar.

Whole school singing for production.

Some of our 1 point perspective drawings - we had to think about parallel lines and bringing lines to the vanishing point. It ties in nicely with the language we are learning to use in our geometry learning about shapes.