Term 3 Week 9

On Friday we got political and formed political parties. Each party needed a name, a slogan, a billboard, a key value, an education policy and any other policies which were important to the members.

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T.A.P Party
Week 9 Term 3

W9 T3

This week is our second to last week for swimming, lots of water safety learning this week and adventures on to the high diving boards!


On Tuesday we celebrated our first dozen eggs by making bacon and egg pie and a vegetarian egg pie, using silverbeet parsley and broccoli from the garden, yummo!!!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been counting our laps as we bike. We are aiming to bike Aotearoa. We started in Cape Reinga. Today we arrived in Hamilton!! 594 km. The equivalent of cycling for 36 hours.


Friday was a crazy day, as well as all our political stuff, we had the bake sale and also had Christine from the Wellington Free Ambulance come to collect the money we raised for Onesie Day!! Phew what a week!