Week 8 Term 4

It has been cool this week to see how engaged everyone is even though we are coming to the end of the school year. We set everyone the task of designing a maths game to help us practice basic facts knowledge. It was great to see the range of games developed and the process the games went through to become completed published games. First they had to come up with an idea, make a draft version, write instructions and rules, get it tested make changes and them publish. On Friday we had a games sessions where we all rotated around the different games, playing the games and giving feedback. Always cool to see the way students work together to create, problem solve and learn from each other.

We have also been working on writing the Year 6's used their camp as inspiration and the Year 5's have been writing letters to our new principal about what they think is important for her to know about our school.

Year 6 Camp Writing
Dear Luana Carroll
A letter to luana
Letter to Luana

On Wednesday some of the Year 5's went down to Ngaio to help with some Christmas crafts, Jos was really impressed with the leadership shown by the Year 5 students.