Week 5 Term 1

W5 T1
Nikau Panui W5 T1

When Annie went to collect the eggs in Monday morning she was most surprised to find a very small but perfectly formed egg. We decided to boil it so we could disect it and see what the inside looked like. Would it have a yolk? Would it have any white? would there be the smallest chicken in the world inside? It was all very exciting.

Today we started writing metaphor poems for our Get NZ Writing activity. We started off writing metaphors together about our class on a Padlet.

Then we started writing our own metaphor poems. Here are some of our metaphors.

Lola Sat is a little sapling,

filtering the air.

Isabel Barr is a page of book

being turned.

Annie is a cat sitting curled in the sun.

Mo is an ant in a colony, trying to balance the scales.

Sophie is a piece of pumice waiting to be picked up.

Hannah Cregeen is a cute, fluffy dog waiting to be fed.

Tessa George is a violin playing slow classical music.

Lockie is a sloth sleeping in the sea.

Reuben is a flying fox, zooming down the zipline.

Izzy Wallace us a cupcake with sprinkles inside.

Ben is a rugby ball getting slammed on the try line.

Lily Scott is a book bursting full of ideas.

Sean Carroll is a lemon, bitter and sour.

Fraser is a tap pouring a waterfall.

Bana is a sun ready to shine.

Monet Siloata is a guitar playing a satisfying song.

Nienke is an ocean wave crashing up on the beach.

Tommy Penfold is a rugby ball flying over the posts.

On Tuesday Ngaio came over to check out our new class, we did some reading together then went outside for some ball skills.

Thursday was International Women's Day Annie made us a a cake to share, thanks Annie, it was delicious!

This is us working out the puzzle of our GetNZ Writing Postcards. The quote says "Every person is a door to a new world." Once we have written our metaphor poems we choose one of the line to put on the back of the postcard, which get sent to another classroom in another school in NZ.