Welcome to 2018

Did you realize that if your child starts grade 1 in 2019, she/he will graduate in 2031?

I work hard each and every day to bring learning through play to your children that will give them the skills to be leaders of the future.

Can't wait to get those little minds and bodies back into the classroom.

Blessings to you all...


To see what is happening in our classroom please visit that month. Thank you

About me:

I am delighted to be a teacher in one of the Early Entry morning classes as well as the lead teacher for an EEP to grade 5 music program. This year I will be hosting lunch time music activities which may include drumming circles, choral and musical theatre groups (depending on the interest of the children). I am very excited and feel so blessed to bring two of my passions (Early Childhood and Music) together in one teaching position. I intend to find ways of including the grade 6 children in our lunch time activities.

If you are interested specifically in the music part of my role, there is a separate tab for that. Please check there.

A little about me: I call Fort McMurray my home. We have raised our three children here (all graduates of FMCSD) and now spend time with our granddaughter right here in our beautiful city. I am a career teacher - and have worked at various levels supporting children and families over the last 31 years. As a volunteer in our city, I have been involved with United Way, Wood Buffalo Food Bank, Keyano Theatre (both on stage and behind the stage) and have contributed many articles to the newspaper as well as our own YMM Magazine. I love camping, traveling and being creative through art.

Please feel free to stop by any time to say hello.