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Cult of Pedagogy

Without any background knowledge, a name is just a name. Let me tell you, this website is worth your time. Getting her weekly emails in your inbox is worth your time. She shares effective principles that will restructure the way you approach education and the practices you use. It's worth it. You can also find her on Twitter (Jennifer Gonzalez).

Cult of Pedagogy - website

Cult of Pedagogy - Blog

John Spencer

Looking for meaningful video content to shape your instructional mindset and practices? John Spencer has some great things to say. I certainly have not watched all of his video content. But, from what I have seen thus far, there's some great content on his YouTube channel.




Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler is from Fresno. She used to teach here in Clovis Unified. Now, she is a globally known educator who speaks into the educational world. She consistently talks about technology, the use of technology in the classroom, and the need to ditch archaic practices. Not every one knows what is archaic, so she tells you. I suggest you follower her on Twitter. Or, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Head her her website here:

Leslie Fisher

Leslie is yet another voice in the cheerleaders and champions of awesome tech tools. If you aren't already following her on Twitter go for it. She is also on LinkedIn. Check out her blog. Let some of her strategies seep into your classroom and effect awesome change in the lives of your students.

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Matt Miller

Textbooks will be utilized in the classroom for years to come. Will they one day be an oudate tool? Will education be so innovative and so creative that we skip a turn-to-the-next-page teaching practice? Um, to a small degree I hope so. Matt does a great job of showing you how this is possible. There are not just pie-in-the-sky ideas, they are real practices with a proven track record that change, innovation, and creativity are possible. Twitter. Email. Website. Check it out here: .

Tech Success with Matt Miller

Matt Miller (above) from Ditch That Textbook talks about a few key ideas to consider as you integrate technology into your classroom. Are you moving the needle? Do you have too much tech in your classroom? Are students engaged in new and fresh ways? You'll get his helpful blog posts, videos, and teaching ideas via email if you subscribe to his blog updates (above).

Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell is an innovative influence in the area of tech and education. To find out more about the thoughts she brings to the classroom, check out her blog or website.

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SketchUp Blog

You and your students have access to this great learning tool. It's ready for you in the extension menu of Google Drive.

Do you watch Chip and Joanna Gains in their television program Fixer Upper? Remember when she sits down with the clients and shows them what their house will look like? That's SketchUp. This software isn't just interior design software, it's also build software as well. It's the preliminary sketch work that helps a client see the final project.

I'll say this often: my educational philosophy includes that children are introduced to complex computer-related ideas in their early years. If you can't dream it, it's hard to become it.

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Many children in our classrooms today will utilize 3D software to design, sketch, or build things. Engineers will use software like this. Graphic designers will use software like this. Scientists, biochemists, architects, investigators, military personnel, and interior designers will also use technology like this.

My educational philosophy includes that children should be exposed to tools like this early. If you can't dream it, it's hard to become it. As educators, we should unveil the possibilities with continued exposure.

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My MiniFactory

If you are curious about all things 3D print and want to know what is happening around the world, feel free to come here to see what is trending in 3D print design.