Add-Ons & Extensions

Add-Ons -- These are available inside the Google Suite tools, and they have the potential to utterly change how you use these tools--in a good way.

Pull The Paragraph

What are these things? So, watch this small video to get a glimpse of what one Add-on can do. There are a ton of these tools and they can revolutionize what you do in the classroom. Check it out here.

100 Extensions

You can find over 100 Extensions and Add-Ons at Shake Up Learning. LINK HERE.

Alice Keeler

A blog to follow. A ton of wonderful tools here. Bookmark this website, you'll be glad you did.

Google Docs Add-ons

Check out THIS BLOG for 32 Google Docs Add-Ons. Sheets and Slides also offer Add-Ons.


WriQ is a built-in grading tool that helps you quickly grade student work. Spelling. Grammar. Grade level. Content. In the snap of a finger, this tool will give you feedback on student work. Why stay up till 1:00am if you don't have to? Right? Grade faster. Enjoy more family time.


Set the maximum responses allowed or set a time/date limitation. Would you like to place limits on the number of responses? Or, a date/time limit? This tool will let you do that easily. VIDEO LINK HERE.

Add-Ons for Google Forms

New to Add-ons in Forms? Check out this super-helpful video to get you started. Be prepared to be amazed at what Forms can do.

Extensions -- These can be found in the Google Chrome Store. Head HERE and see what new extensions are available for you. These tools have the capacity to change your web experience. What is an extension? Have you seen the little blue square that the kids use when they log into Clever? That's an extension. You can have several different extensions all at one time. They just keep populating your Google Chrome toolbar.

From Ditch That Textbook, you can find 50 Chrome Extensions.

Grammarly is a tool that will coach you as you write. Suggestions. Ideas. Tone. Spelling. It's like having a built in grammar tutor. And, it's free. LINK HERE.

Wouldn't it be great to save websites as documents to Google Drive? You can. With this extension, you can save websites as documents to Google Drive with the click of a button. LINK HERE.

Would you like to record a video of your actions on your computer to teach your students how to do something? Don't have a Mac? This extension will let you record what you do on your screen. VIDEO HERE. SITE LINK HERE.

Google Translate also has an extension. While you are looking at particular websites, maybe you wish to translate just a few words from that one page, a phrase, a sentence, or the whole page. Easily find the translation while you are on that site. LINK HERE.

THIS Chrome extension lets you cite your work easily. It's not always perfect, but it is helpful. As your students do research, they may wish to use this speedy tool to cite their work and give credit where credit is due.

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Do you ever want to speed up videos that do not have speed controls? Well, you can! Use this extension to change the way you watch video content. Save time. Get more done. LINK HERE. Image credits here.