Top 5 Programming Languages

What language should I teach my class and why? Check out this video to narrow your options. Now, the languages not mentioned on here should not be forgotten, but here are his reasons why these languages are the top 5. There's a newer video than this, but honestly...i like this video better.

First Coding Language

What language might you choose first with your crew? Honestly, I'd say go to whatever is free and easy to use for young children. Now, if your team is coding at a more advanced level, this video might be helpful for you. for Teachers

If you don't know how to use, head here to figure out how to set up your Teacher Dashboard. This is a great tool for kids! I strongly recommend this resource. for Students

So now that your Teacher Dashboard is set up, then you are ready for this video. This teaches your team how to get in and how to use this great resource.

Dash Robots

Let's face it, the kids in our classrooms today will most likely work with robots in their career at some point. Let's be the ones who introduce them to elementary coding. Let's show them that they can be innovators who dream of what the future will become. Endless possibilities. Great introduction to Computer Science. Use the links below to get started.

Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop Classroom

Wonder Workshop Portal

Curriculum Overview - Purchasing options

Dash Robots - This is the online learning platform for the Dash robots.

Lesson Plans - This link houses one lesson plan and several extension tools and lesson ideas.

YouTube Playlist - This playlist will update from time to time with new content.

Troxell - Copernicus transport box

CS First

Google has come out with a curriculum for children that teaches coding. Teachers can set up a training dashboard. They can roster students. And, teachers can select activities they want to share with their students.

To find out more, watch the content videos HERE:

Code Monkey

This tool is available to you in Clever. However, students only start off with a 30-day trial. From there, teachers/sites need to pay for this tool. There are over 400 learning opportunities here: web development, game development, foundational skills, vocabulary. WEBSITE HERE. Image credit HERE.

Are you a parent? Would you like to sign your child up for coding at home? Try this link HERE.


This fantastic resource is available by Microsoft (LINK HERE). Once in, there are several coding tools for kids. CUSD students will use their Office365 login in order to access any of these resources: Once in, there are a host of great coding opportunities for them.

MakeCode has an entire YouTube channel. You can find it HERE.

Code Combat

Are you coding with kids who are in grades 5-6? Code Combat might be the perfect resource for you. LINK HERE. Or, do you have parents who want their kids to code at home? Parents can purchase a lifetime license for a child for $99.00. Children can learn to code at home for 20 minutes each day. A marketable skill. Video games alone are not a marketable skill. Kids can get high paying jobs by learning to code at home.

Cue Robots

This website introduce you to Cue, a programmable robot. This can be programmed by using a Chromebook. No need to purchase new accessories to make this work. Find the website HERE.

What is this?. Check out this video here.

Another video here.


STEM all wrapped into one: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Micro:bit is one innovative tool used in classrooms today to explore and expand what kids can do with computer science. Here is one online shop that sells these bits: HERE. Image credits belong to HERE.

KOOV - Codable Robots

Here's a website where you can purchase construction bits to help kids code build-able robots. Why be limited to just one robot type? Why not code a robot that you made? To perform a task that you intended? See if KOOV is right for you.

Ozobots - Codable Robots

If you want kids to see their coding adventure come alive here's another option: Ozobots. When kids code a sequence, they can actually see their robot race a track. And they can show others what they created. LINK HERE.