This is the tutorial for the desktop version. However many of these tools are quite similar in the iPad version or the iPhone version.


This is the Apple equivalent to Microsoft Excel and the Google equivalent to Google Sheets. You'll find these tools in the iPhone and the iPad.


This is the Apple equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. I learned a few shortcuts from this video that are compatible in PowerPoint that I didn't know prior to watching this video. This tool is also available on the iPhone and the iPad.


This is a fantastic tool to create short videos using images or live footage. You can even get your kinders engaged in learning using this app. Kids love to hear themselves. Share on Seesaw or Flipgrid.


Some of the characteristics on display in this video will be parallel to functionality found on the iPad app version of this tool.

iMovie with Green Screen

Want to replace the background? Historical interview? Scene from a novel? Swim with dolphins? Explain a math equation? Spirit day? End of year video? Add some pizzazz, drama, excitement! How about a video of your principal dancing with Elvis? I think the kids would love that!

iMovie on the iPad

Not all features look exactly the same from desktop to iPad. So this tutorial is specific to that resource. Enjoy!

GarageBand Tutorial for the iPad

This tutorial introduces you to a fantastic music tool produced by Apple. You will encounter a host of instruments. Not only that, but you can build multi-layer music clips: flute, strings, percussion, piano, and voice (for example). Use this finalized clip atop a video if you choose. Or, just have the music alone be the final project. Podcast. Foreign language. Poetry with music. History with music. Science with music. Some people learn best when they engage multiple regions the brain simultaneously. Creative and academic together. Or, movement, music, and data.


This tool is also available on a Mac. Some of the features are expanded. So, this additional tutorial may be helpful for those of you using a Mac.