Diverse Age Groups

Apple Apps

  • Clips - Video clips allow students to read their work and comment in a self-assessment fashion. "Based on the rubric my teacher gave me, I can see how I accomplished task #1. My paragraphs have topic sentences. I have supporting details in my paragraphs. I included reputable sources as I gathered research..."
  • Garage Band - If a child wants to compose a song to accomplish a creative writing assignment, this tool is fantastic for composing a multi-instrument work. Their recorded voice can layer into this composed work. After a few clicks, your student can easily publish and submit their MP3 file.
  • Pages - This is the MAC equivalent to Docs.
  • Keynote - This is the MAC equivalent to PowerPoint.
  • Sheets - This is the MAC equivalent to Excel.
  • iMovie - This epic movie platform will allow your students unlimited creative possibilities. After video and voice samples are captured, your students can compile these pieces together to create a finished movie. Text. Speed. Color changes. Transitions. Something way more awesome than paper and pencil.
  • Camera - Give a kid a camera...and you will be amazed with their perspective, creativity, insight, and ideas. Still images or video. Unconventional assessment tool.
  • Voice Memo - Add an audio file to a video clip later, or use this tool as a resource for a child. Are you working with two different small groups at once? Record the instructions via voice tool. Let the kids listen to those instructions again and again to complete the desired task. Spelling assessment for a child who was absent? Dictation quiz for a child who is using a different list? The child can play back the audio file and do this independently.
  • QR Reader - This app can turn documents into PDF files. This tool can read QR codes. This tool can assist you with Sudoku puzzles. It is a database scanner and a business card scanner as well. NEW: Your camera will instantly read QR codes without the need for this app. However, the official QR Reader app does have some neat features. And, now your camera can function as a QR reader as well.

Google Apps

Microsoft Apps

Math Apps

  • Prodigy - App Store
  • Photo Math - App Store - This is a great app for parents, in my opinion. Parents can check their child's work quickly and easily.
  • Cymath - App Store
  • iTooch - App Store
  • Number Rack - App Store
  • Geoboard - App Store
  • MyScript Calculator -- App Store
  • Pinterest 200+ Apps - LINK HERE
  • Clever - In order to access various resources that are CUSD specific, be sure you have this app on your iPads.
  • iReady - This app will only work if the CLEVER app is on the iPad. Children authenticate via Clever, then they can access this learning tool.


Photo Collage App - This app isn't free: APP STORE. However, it limits the functionality of the collage experience for children. Children aren't prompted to export this to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or any other export location. Filters and other in-app tools are age appropriate as well.

Why is this a good tool? K - 1 learners: Great for "words that start with S." Great for "words that rhyme with." Great for "let's classify." Great for "things that are all the color red." Great for "things that are squares." Older learners: diverse landscapes, states of matter, animals that live in the tundra, animals that live in arctic regions, seed-bearing plants, etc. (See more details and tools below on this topic.)

Photos & Video

  • Pic Stitch - App Store - collage tool
  • Green Screen. Want to add green screen technology to your video productions? Try DoInk. See if this inexpensive app works for you. SAMPLE VIDEO HERE. HERE you will find over 200 PINTEREST ideas for getting started with green screen technology.
  • Shadow Puppet - App Store - Have a child record him/herself reading a story to you. You may assess their intonation later, when you have a minute--with less distractions.
  • Why would I use a collage? Words that start with, words that rhyme with, numbers, quantity, shapes, classification, land forms (Geography), states of matter (Science), similar weights (Math), Spanish Mission (artifacts and details / Social Studies), character traits (third grade ELA standard), book study (sequence of events, characters, theme, setting), erosion (Science), Water Cycle (Science)..this is just the tip of the iceberg. Give the kids a camera, and see what magic can happen!
  • BigVU - Is your class experimenting with video production? This tool will function as your teleprompter and your video tool all in one. Now, when I have used it, I only use the free version and I only stay inside the app. If any of your students want to go high-tech and awesome with it, THIS VIDEO will showcase how you can go all-awesome with other tools.
  • Flipgrid - Children have a voice and they want to share that voice. Want to give them a safe platform to do so? Try Flipgrid. Check out the VIDEO TUTORIAL here. Check out their WEBSITE here.


To find out more about the MERGE AR/VR Cube, you can HEAD HERE. This small foam cube will let you hold the solar system in your hand, dissect a frog, explore a skeletal structure in 360 view, examine tectonic plates, examine lava flow from a volcano, or examine 3D images you have designed yourself.


To use AR Technology, it is recommended that you utilize MERGE AR/VR Goggles and an iPod Touch. There are several apps you can install on your device for students to explore AR/VR technology.

  • Object Viewer - App Store
  • Mr. Body - App Store - These illustrations will introduce your students to the major organ systems of the body. It will also introduce them to the functions they perform.
  • can be found here. This lets you examine work our students have done on their own.
  • AnatomyAR+ - App Store - This app will cost you to install, but it is soooooo worth it. Here's a tiny VIDEO of what it looks like.
  • Galactic Explorer - App Store
  • 3D Museum Viewer - App Store
  • Google Street View - Create your own 3D experience by capturing pictures in Street View. Then publish. Share with others. Let them see what you see.

Lenovo VR Training

Our district has access to a 10-headset Lenovo VR cart. If you are interested in using this tool in your classroom, please let me know. We can set up a training and your students can enjoy this phenomenal learning tool.

a) This is what the mobile cart is like.

b) Expedition How-To Video.

c) Lesson Plans? Materials? Here's what you're looking for.

d) Support page for Lenovo VR.

To book this awesome learning opportunity, please contact Chris Edmondson to find available dates and to book transport to your site.

Art & Design


Don't rely on these tools, but use them if needed to build trust in those early days.

Parent Apps

  • Bedtime Math -- App Store - A math word problem a day with levels of complexity to include various levels of mathematical understanding.
  • Life360 - App Store - child safety/monitoring and screen management
  • OurPact - App Store - child safety/monitoring and screen management
  • Circle by Disney - App Store - child safety/monitoring and screen management
  • Remind - App Store - A tool that helps you receive communication from your teacher/school
  • Photo Math - App Store - This is a great app for parents, in my opinion. Parents can check their child's work quickly and easily.