Lenovo VR Training

Our district has access to a 15-headset Lenovo VR cart. If you are interested in using this tool in your classroom, please let me know. We can set up a training and your students can enjoy this phenomenal learning tool.

a) This is a TEACHER TUTORIAL on how to use the tablet.

b) This is a STUDENT TUTORIAL so the students know how to use the headsets.

c) Additional support for how to use the tablet can be found HERE.

d) List of Expeditions and sample lesson plans can be found HERE.

e) Support page for Lenovo VR.

f) Expeditions FAQ.

g) Viewing your own Expeditions.

h) Original Class Video

To book this awesome learning opportunity, please contact Chris Edmondson to find available dates. You may be responsible for transporting the materials yourself.

UPDATE: Google Expeditions will shut down June of 2021. Moving forward, this will not longer work. It is anticipated that Expeditions PRO will launch soon. As I get more info, I will post that here.

MERGE Holographic Technology

This resource can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways. Children can dissect frogs, explore tectonic plates, examine human organs, explore the parts of a cell, look at 3D narratives that they created on Paint 3D (with the help of and Object Viewer), hold a beating heart, and more. If you are looking for innovative technology for your classroom, then feel free to consider this tool.

The image at your left shows how the MERGE Cube can be used with Tinkercad. If a child is ready to print something on a 3D printer, or they are just using Tinkercad, then the design they have constructed can be viewed on the Merge Cube. If the child chooses to make adjustments to their project prior to print, this is where he/she could locate any design adjustments that are needed prior to officially printing.


To find out more about the MERGE AR/VR Cube, you can HEAD HERE. This small foam cube will let you hold the solar system in your hand, dissect a frog, explore a skeletal structure in 360 view, examine tectonic plates, examine lava flow from a volcano, or examine 3D images you have designed yourself.


To use AR Technology, it is recommended that you utilize MERGE AR/VR Goggles and an iPod Touch. There are several apps you can install on your device for students to explore AR/VR technology.

a) Object Viewer - App Store

b) Mr. Body - App Store - These illustrations will introduce your students to the major organ systems of the body. It will also introduce them to the functions they perform.

c) can be found here. This lets you examine work our students have done on their own.

d) AnatomyAR+ - App Store - This app will cost you to install, but it is soooooo worth it. Here's a tiny VIDEO of what it looks like.

e) Galactic Explorer - App Store

f) 3D Museum Viewer - App Store

You can purchase MERGE products on Feel free to make a list of your needs/wants using a wish list. Store your favorites for easy access.

You can buy the cube separately. You do not have to buy the bundle. You must bring your own device if you choose to use the headsets. I personally recommend the iPod Touch. It is compatible with our system and your site has an apps controller. This is the most efficient way for our sites.


If you choose to purchase MERGE Googles, be sure to use THIS LINK to locate resources that have been approved for our sites. If the iPod Touch devices are not on the list, simply Email Chris Edmundson for help/clarification. He can answer those questions for you.

The official Apple Education pricing list can be found HERE.