Clever. Google. Sites. Drive.

Here is a 27-minute tutorial on how to get into Clever, how to get into Drive, how to create your first Google Doc, and how to build your first Google Site. It's certainly not exhaustive, but it will answer some of your initial questions.

If the tutorial is too fast, click on pause to catch up. If the content moves too slow, click on the gear on the bottom right and the video can move to 1.25, 1.5, or 2.0 speed. You'll get through the video faster that way (if that's for you).


This is a Google product. It is an interactive game that teaches children how to behave online. It focuses on password safety, evaluating fake news sources, behaving well online, and more. Offline teacher tools are also available on their website. GOOGLE LINK.

Google Forms

Google Forms has a few purposes. You can use it in the front office to collect tardy and early leave students (for SARB data). You can use this a a volunteer data collection tool. Which parents would like to volunteer for the next two months? What days? Times? You can use it as an assessment tool. Grammar Quiz. Geography Quiz. History Quiz. Comprehension Quiz. And, it can self-grade!! Yes, it can. It can be used as a survey tool. Lastly, if you need parents to submit audio files for the Talent Show, you can use this tool to collect those files.

Google Forms

This tool will teach you how to utilize Google Forms as a self-grading tool.

Google Forms for Students

So, what about students? Can't they make forms? Use this as a resource for students to design their own data collection tools. Statistics. Graphing. Reports. Teach students how to design and gather data to report their findings.

Add this to Google Classroom. Watch them learn and discover.

Google Forms

This tutorial video is geared to show you how to use this tool as a quiz tool. This tool can also be used as an information gathering tool or a survey tool. Need some feedback? Want parents to bring stuff for a party? All three purposes are great. Enjoy!

Supercharge Google Forms.

Are you familiar with the main components of Google Forms? Ready to expand your skills? This is the training session for you. Eric does a great job of hosting this session. A ton of great resources here.

Google Sites

How do you make a website? School? Club? Athletics? Grade level? Or, one for your classroom? This tutorial will explain in a step-by-step fashion how to do just that.

Please note: Google Sites is the ONLY approved website design tool for teachers. You do not have permission to use other website development sites.

Advanced features for Google Sites

Here are four pro-tips that may add some wow, pop, or pizzazz to your Site. Your site will be awesome without these, but if you are looking for a few "cool kid" things, check these out.

This is the website he showcases in this tutorial:

Google Sheets

This tutorial is well-constructed. It showcases how to use Google Sheets. This is somewhat equivalent to Microsoft Excel. Database, tables, charts, data collection, etc.


Your secretaries are capable of placing each teacher as the teacher of record for each student given their subject of study. If this is not authorized by your site administrator, here is a reasonable Plan B.

Do you share students with another teacher? Do you have a rotational teaching model? How do you keep those grades straight in real time? Email? That's outdated. Use Google Sheets. Check out this video that teaches you how to you a document I made.

Document link:

Copy help:

Saving Your File to Google Classroom.webm

Save a file to Google Classroom

NOW, this video only applies to files the children have downloaded. If it's in Drive already, that's a different process.

If you want the children to upload a file from a website, use this video tutorial on the left to see how to make that happen. Email me for the Power Point, if you want it.

Stop-Motion Animation

Here is a short video showcasing how to create a Stop Motion Animation video using Google Slides. The steps are quite simple. The process takes a little bit of time. Depending on the length of your sample, it could take an hour or longer (200+ slides).

Student Sample #1

Student Sample #2

Download Student Work

This video walks you through the process of saving and printing student work. I model how to save artwork in this video, but it works for Word files also. Use the same strategy. Or, use PDF Mergy as a Google Chrome Extension.