Videos - This site was free for seven years. They are now a paid service. You can access pricing and billing information HERE. Head down the page quite a bit to find Payment and Billing. More pricing answers HERE.

Front Row Ed. They changed their name to Freckle Education. This classroom tool is fantastic for a variety of reasons. It is fantastic for phonics, reading, ELA standards, math, writing, and comprehension. My students were motivated to earn more and more coins. The children were able to receive above-grade-level content. And, struggling learners were able to get specific content support. I recommend this tool.

Ten Marks. I recommend this online learning tool! It is fantastic test-prep material for kids. When third graders reach the SBAC for the first time at the end of the year, they will be faced with a new assessment tool. They will need to read a lot of content and make some critical decisions. This learning tool helps children explore how to do that week in and week out. I used this in my classroom and I recommend this tool to teachers! This tool is closing out. It will be available for the 2018-2019 school year, and then they will shut it down.

Go Noodle. Raining outside? Bad air day? No problem! Get your kids moving with Go Noodle.

Go Formative. Here is an online tutorial that helps you understand how to create assignments using this online assessment tool.

Digital Sticky Notes. This is not a website. This is a tool that you can find on your desktop. You have access to an unlimited number of digital sticky notes. Use this teaching video to figure out how to use them. Save time. Be organized.

Plickers. This tool uses your cell phone and a computer. You generate questions prior to instruction. The children have pre-printed cards. These pre-printed cards are designed so the children can respond to the multiple-choice questions you designed. The responses are captured in real time using your cell phone. You have instant, data-oriented feedback that is child-specific. You may use this data for re-teaching, small groups, or calendar pacing. It helps you see how much more instruction is needed on a very specific topic.

Tes Teach (Blendspace). This is a great resource to store your digital lessons. PDF files. Videos. Worksheets. Various resources. Share collaborate. Store your great ideas in one spot -- seamlessly.

Kahoot! This short video will introduce you to the online quiz tool by the name of Kahoot! You are able to download student answers when you are done. This lets you determine if you would like to readjust your lesson plans, reteach a lesson, or pull students for individualized instruction. Kids love this tool and so do teachers!

Kahoot! Challenge. To easily share in Classroom, check out this VIDEO TUTORIAL.

Kahoot! So, what do I do when I'm done giving a Kahoot!? Why is this a good tool? This tutorial will help you understand how to download reports. After you download the report, what do you do with it? The data can help you shape future lessons, it can shape your instructional calendar. It can shape what your small group instruction and after-school intervention looks like. It can also shape/re-define/confirm data that you use in an SST. You can certainly do this by paper. But, sometimes this method is much faster. The report has been printed for you! And, the assessment has been graded! All in one click.

But, I only have 2 computers in my room. No problem! Borrow computers from your neighbor teacher. Or, quiz in groups.

Quizizz. This is a quick tutorial that introduces your students to an online quiz assessment tool (much like Kahoot!). At the close of any assessment, you can print out question-specific, and student-specific data. Use that data for a variety of reasons (see ideas above in the Kahoot! summary.)

DoInk. Have you ever thought about using green screen technology in your classroom? Children all over the world are designing videos using green screen technology. Some children as young as first grade are showing off their expert video skills with this easy-to-use program. Do you feel intimated by this idea? No worries. Check out this website to learn more: LINK HERE.

EdPuzzle. Are you curious about flipping your classroom? Would you like to get the children on more tech with less papers? This is a great tool to do that. It is a fantastic tool for checking student understanding while using an audio/video file. You can provide highly structured lesson plans to ensure that children are a)using content from the video in their answers, b)responding with complex sentences, and c) answering all parts of the question. The website link can be found HERE.

EdPuzzle Reports. So, now that you've looked at EdPuzzle, what does it look like to analyze those reports? This one-minute video will show you how to do just that. The website link can be found HERE.

Edulastic. Nearly all of your out-of-the-gate questions will be answered here.

Why use Edulastic? This is a spectacular assessment or assignment tool. You get instantaneous, right-in-your-dashboard data live as the children are moving through this tool. You can see who knows it and who does not. This lets you serve your students in a students-first type fashion. Who has what needs? Now you know.

I hope this tool revolutionizes the way you gather data and assess student achievement.

Pear Deck. There are three videos in this series. The other links are here:

  • Video #2 - Presenting a Pear Deck
  • Video #3 - Viewing Student Answers in Pear Deck

Plagnets. Over at the Phys Ed Depot you can find out more about Plagnets. You can combine Plickers cards with magnets to create an easy-to-use self-assessment strategy. The data is easily printable for tracking student achievement and success.

Word Art. Do you want your students to make a Word Cloud? Here is one free site that can make that happen for you. This is a small tutorial that showcases how to make a Word Cloud.

How do you add that finished file to Google Classroom? Watch the video below.

Creating a Word Cloud.webm

YouTube Channel for SketchUp. Not just one video. The whole channel. Check out these fantastic videos that show you how to use architectural software. Mission project? Narrative about a house? Construct a castle? Egyptian Pyramids? Study anything and use digital design. LINK HERE.