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If you would like to learn more, feel free to explore any of these resources.

How to get started:

This video has teacher and student intro details. Focus on the bits that relate directly to you. Teachers can give their students a direct access code to get into a space that is facilitated by the teacher. Teachers, you can view content your students are working on, and you can print their jobs from your teacher work space. Watch the video to see how that happens.

The Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process is like making a taco. If you were to have people over, it may be helpful to feed them. So, what's on your menu? What ingredients do you have a home? If you were to try something new, would you try that out the day of? Or would you navigate that change a week in advance and made adjustments after testing your new creation? Design is much the same. Try something. Test your hypothesis and made adjustments as needed. This is the engineering process.

PrintLab - Teacher PD

Are you curious about the fundamentals of how to print 3D items? How to build them successfully? THIS LINK will point you in the right direction. There are a series of ready-to-go lessons that will help you navigate the early waters of how to get started with 3D design. I will add that this site is AMAZING!!! They have done a phenomenal job of getting this training material ready for teachers. And, wow, they did a great job.

MakerBot Print

There are several 3D printers on the marker right now. This is one I have experience with. Now, you can certainly use a different one, but this is a quality printer that produces quality prints. The most up-to-date version of MakerBot Print can be found HERE. This free slicing software is excellent. If you want to show your students what the print will look like start-to-finish, you can watch that via the software. You will add supports for the print in the software. And, this is what you will use to communicate with the printer.

MakerBot Print

This video is a tiny bit outdated as the software has updated, but this tutorial is very helpful. MakerBot Print (software name) is classified as a slicing software. It prepares a print plan for printing. And, it can place supports into a build so it will run successfully.

This tutorial could include these bits:

  • a) To move your plan around, hold the right mouse button down, then pan.

  • b) To move the entire project around, hold the center mouse button down, then pan.

Why MakerBot?

Now, there are several printers out on the market, so why MakerBot? Here is one testimonial why this device can handle a heavy workload. You can certainly use other printers. There are many to choose from, but this testimony showcases reliability, precision, and durability. And, you want those qualities in a 3D printer.


You will encounter mistakes along the way. Breathe that in. Be one with mistakes. This is okay. it's natural. Everyone in the 3D print industry faces issues when it comes to printing. You will too. Here are some failures to monitor and watch out for.

Successful Design Tips

What characteristics are essential for a print to succeed? How do you ensure that your print will work with ease? This video will answer some of those questions for you.

PLA Replacement

At some point, you will need to know what replacement filament is needed. This video is a decent overview of what types of PLA are currently on the market. And, it also talks about considerations to ponder as you print or purchase. Additionally, this video also shows you that you can use adhesives or a power drill on your finished project (how, why, and why not).


Use THIS LINK to get to Thingiverse. This is an excellent resource to find lessons or build that are ready-to-go.


THINKERCAD is phenomenal for kids to use as they explore 3D design for the first time. I recommend this resource. And, Tinkercad now works with Google Classroom. Teachers can share assignments directly to Google Classroom from Tinkercad.

My MiniFactory

Are you looking for designs to print to enhance learning? This is a good place to go. They have a large educational section that will help you with design models. LINK HERE.

MatterHacker - Q&A

Along the way, you may have some additional questions. MatterHackers has some valuable articles at the bottom of THIS PAGE. Answers to your questions. Tips to help you as you navigate this new uncharted territory.

John Spencer

Looking for meaningful video content to shape your instructional mindset and practices? John Spencer has some great things to say. I certainly have not watched all of his video content. But, from what I have seen thus far, there's some great content on his YouTube channel.





As you print, things will go sour. That is normal. Here is a website that can help you understand what is going sour in your print. LINK HERE

Free Stuff

There are thousands (or millions) of FREE files out there to download and use as you wish. Not all files are free. Some are inexpensive. Others are very costly. There's a huge 3D print market out there. If you are looking for resources to print, check out these resources:

  • All3DP - Okay, here's a great list of print resources.

  • Thingverse - Very educational in nature. Sometimes has standards attached.

  • Cults 3D (image credit belongs to Cults 3D)

  • MyMiniFactory - Buy or sell your files here. Some are free. Complex. Elaborate. Simple. Ready-to-go. A variety of different file types.

  • YouMagine - A great community of people with great prints to share. Some free. Some not.

  • PinShape - Looking for ready-to-go stl files? Try this space.

  • GrabCad - Another community of learners/engineers/designers.

  • XYZPrinting - Use this link to enter the gallery to find ready-to-go print files. Some are free. Some are not.

  • TurboSquid - This link will take you to free stl files. You can certainly buy some, but this link is the free link.