This tutorial is VERY outdated. But, hopefully you can pick up the essential bits from it. For any website below that does not have an app, you may be able to "create an app" easily. Add any website to your main screen using a technique similar to this. When I find one with a newer date, I'll edit this.

Intro to Computers and Keyboarding

Multiple Content Areas

  • - Mouse control, hyperlinks, colors, shapes, numbers, phonics, early reading, and more.
  • Front Row is also available on Clever. It's okay that the children fail the reading pre-tests. This will direct them to pre-reading tools. The children can login using a QR code. They won't need to type anything. Just print out those login cards for them. The camera on the computer will get them in.
  • Turtle Diary has close to 120 games that are at the K level. Many of those games have instructions that are read aloud to the children.
  • had 6 pages of Kindergarten games.
  • Starfall - This website has letter recognition, reading, phonics, numbers, math, seasons, holiday tools, and more. It's great for pre-readers, early readers, and independent readers.


ELA (and more)

  • Sesame Street - These learning games teach a variety of skills. Snuffy's Letter Car is great for mouse control, listening skills, and letter formation skills.
  • Epic! - Your students can have access to an unlimited reading library. This is tablet/iPad friendly as well.
  • Time for Kids
  • Funbrain Stories
  • Storyline Online - What if Brad Pit could come to your class and read a book to your students? He can! Not really, but you can find a host of videos where famous people read a short story. Captivate your students with art of a story. Have them follow along.
  • Freckle Education - This is great for early phonics strategies AND all Math content areas (number relationships, base ten understanding, geometry, patterns, etc.).


  • Freckle Education also has Science content built into it.
  • Mystery Science - Step-by-step, this tool will walk you through every bit of the process. It's like having a co-teacher in the room with you.

Coding & Apps


  • Lightbot - Your students can partner up if they aren't ready to work on a computer independently. You know best how to pair your students.
  • Hour of Code - Search through the tools that will work best for your learners.
  • Kodable - Elementary coding tools.


  • Lightbot - You can download this on your iPad to use in class.
  • Code Karts - This is a great problem-solving tool. Children learn the thought process needed to solve code-oriented sequences.
  • Kodable - Elementary coding tools.
  • Coding Games for Kids - You will find several tools in this resource. Perfect for K and 1 learners.