Resource Links

Child Safety and Monitoring

  • k9 Web Protection - This tool is great for parents. Parents can determine what level of access they want their children to have on the internet. Time parameters can be established and site-blocking is available.
  • Life360 - You can find this in your Google Play store or your Apple Store. This lets you track your children when they have their phone. Location. Battery life. Banner notifications can be set up when your child comes home or leaves the house. And, it's free.
  • Our Pact - This app will allow parents to determine how much screen time their children should get on hand-held devices. You can do this remotely. You can also block your child's ability to access particular apps for certain periods of the day (like at night).
  • Circle by Disney - If parents reach out to you and ask how to keep their children stay safe at home on the internet, Circle by Disney is another option (just another layer of protection). This tool works with your router to filter who can receive what information and for how long each day.

Digital Citizenship

CUSD Links

  • CUSD Home Page -
  • Clever - - This utility will get you into a host of great resources. Your students will use this link to access their online learning tools as well.
  • Student Account Management (SAM) -
  • Office 365 - (You can download MS Office on your home computer for free. Use this link to sign in with your CUSD credentials.)
  • Math Book - You will now find the math book in Clever. Teachers, use THIS LINK.
  • iPhone setup - THIS link will take you to a PDF file that will walk you through the setup. If you have an android device, you can extract the content you need from that tutorial to sync email, contacts, and calendar tools.

Collaboration and Lesson Building

Multiple Disciplines

Assessment Tools & Study Tools




Student Collaboration and Classroom Management

PE & Recess

Geography and Landscapes

Visual Communication



  • Typing Club - -- This FREE typing program will help little fingers get used to using the keys on a keyboard. Great practice tool. Needs minimal instruction/help.
  • Dance Mat Typing - -- The English accent is cute with this one. The animated figures are engaging and you want to type more.
  • Nitro Type - -- In clever, you will find Nitro Type. Kids race other people from around the world. They get to select their car and race. Typing speed and accuracy will cause your car to speed up. Racers earn "money" for completed races.

Technology Standards & Other Tech Resources

3D Web Models

Link Building Tools


  • - -- This website lets you set up your Parent Teacher Conferences easily. Parents can land here and choose from one of the time slots that you have pre-selected. They can get email reminders. You can easily access the entire spread of conference dates and times with attendees at the click of a button--save as PDF and email to your Office Manager if you choose.