Modern Languages


Why should I study a language?

Learning a language can be fun and rewarding, and they are one of the top skills that set you apart from the crowd when applying for jobs of all types. Recent studies by the British Council have found that the majority of adults regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to learn languages in school. Language courses were also some of the most studied online courses during lockdown - don't miss the opportunity to study them for free in school!

What do we offer?

S1 and S2 pupils will follow CfE courses in either French, German or Spanish aspiring to cover all the outcomes and experiences relating to level 3. Pupils in S3 will continue with either French, German or Spanish and will work towards achieving the Understanding Language unit of the SQA National 4 qualification.

Which skills will I develop in Modern Languages?

In Modern Languages, you will work on 4 key skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking. You will also gain other valuable transferrable skills including communication, resilience, patience, problem solving  and confidence. You will also build on your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, while enhancing your awareness and appreciation of other cultures.

Meet the Faculty!

Mrs Belshaw (Faculty Head) - French, German & Spanish

Mrs Nicol - Spanish & German

Miss Uri - French & Spanish

Ms Whyte - French & Spanish

Mrs Goebel - German & Spanish

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Watch these videos to find out why languages are important in the workplace: