Our Remarkable School Council

We are Proud of our Elected School Council!

Each class in our school has an elected school council member who plays an active part in our school. They help us make decisions and advise us if there are any concerns. They are all remarkable!

Our School Council 2020-21

Nicole Kazimierczak Year 1

Lilly Bennett Year 1

Sophia Watkin Year 2

Phoebe Uscroft Year 2

Teagan Newdick Year 3

Mada Abdo-Year 3 (Reserve)

Mila Gollins Year 3

Michalina Wawer Y4

Sam Riley Year 4

Ella Hanson Year 5

Kia Howlett-Edge Year 5

Isatou Jarra Year 6

Liam Cook Year 6

Check out of meetings here!

School Council Meeting-Virtual catch Up (2021-02-23 at 02:10 GMT-8)

Our latest meeting is available here!

We are proud to be an Investing in Children Award holder!

The Investing in Children Membership Award™ gives our school national recognition for the good practice and active inclusion of children and young people in dialogue that results in change.

Check out our paperwork for this year's award here.

History of the Award

Investing in Children was set up in 1995 as a partnership between Durham County Council and the Strategic Health Authority. In 2004, due to increased interest from other parts of the UK, the Investing in Children Development Agency was established. In May 2013 we became a Community Interest Company. Our independence has allowed us to establish partnerships with public and private service agencies, along with universities across the UK and Europe.

For over 20 years, we have been working to create a range of effective ways in which children and young people can have a say; discussing issues and developing arguments about how things might change. IiC provides support for them to enter into dialogue with adults who may have the power to act upon their agenda, often resulting in improvements in the services themselves.

We believe that children and young people are knowledgeable about the world in which they live, and can be powerful participants in political dialogue and persuasive advocates on their own behalf.

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