Modern Foreign Languages


The Green Way Academy is proud to serve the community of North Hull and give our pupils the very best learning opportunities and experiences regardless of their circumstances. We are committed to delivering an exciting, inspirational, and motivating curriculum which enables pupils to become independent learners preparing them for their next steps in life. Our mission is pure and simple: we want all of our pupils to experience success and have high aspirations so that they can go on to lead a remarkable life. This is the golden thread that binds us all together – the reason that despite our very different paths to The Green Way Academy, we are all part of one family.

Our 3 Key Curriculum Drivers:

Remarkable Aspirations – we provide exceptional experiences which show our pupils the wide range of possibilities available for their future

Remarkable Environment – we provide a safe haven for all our pupils to flourish and lead a remarkable life

Remarkable Learners - we offer a wide range of experiences to allow our pupils to become independent and resourceful learners and reach their full potential

Aspirations, Environment and Learners!


The AET MFL Community hold the common vision that:

Through an immersive journey, our pupils will build their knowledge, skills and passion for languages that inspire them to lead a remarkable life.

As a result of adopting these core principles, an AET MFL Pupil will:

1. Be a confident and resilient learner; be inquisitive

2. Be willing to take risks and push their limits

3. See mistakes as a learning opportunity

4. Be a confident and effective communicator in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts

5. Be able to use languages spontaneously

6. Embrace and celebrate other cultures and languages

7. Recognise the advantages of language learning and the opportunities it can bring, in travel, employment and personal enjoyment


1. To foster a life-long appreciation of languages and other cultures to discover what is possible

2. To recognise languages as a skill which can increase employability and widen opportunities to choose to lead a remarkable life

3. To establish a learning environment which encourages students to be confident with taking risks and be unusually brave

4. To provide ample opportunities, both in and outside the classroom, to develop all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening

5. To ensure access for all pupils to partake in a successful language learning experience

6. To create extracurricular experiences for students to big-heartedly embrace and appreciate languages and cultures

7. To facilitate active and engaging lessons for learners of all abilities

8. To promote the use of exciting and relevant contexts as a vehicle for teaching and learning

EYFS and KS1: Language Meze (AET Trial Schools 2020)

At the moment the school is trialling the MFL EYFS/KS1 resources. It is hoped that academies:

· Will select three language choices per year

· Each language is taught in a 10-week block, requiring at least 15 minutes per week of direct teaching

· Each block is supported by wider cross-curricular activities that link to the theme e.g. food, assemblies, events, …

Each language block provides:

· A full scheme of learning

· Resources to teach each element

· Pronunciation guides (audio)

· Suggestions for activities to develop the language theme beyond the taught lessons

· Opportunities for assessment

· An overarching toolkit of resources to support all the units will also be shared along with video guidance and training on how to use these

KS2: Single Language Study

Our academy’s main language taught across KS2 is Spanish. It is taught for 30 minutes each week and we currently use the ilanguages planning materials.