Welcome to our very special academy! Thank you for checking out our site. We are extremely proud of our remarkable pupils and aim to give them the very best learning opportunities each and every day.

The Green Way Academy is a primary academy, catering for 417 children and very proud to serve the local North Hull community. Children start their academic journey in the school year in which they are five years old, when they join our Foundation Stage.  As an AET academy, at The Green Way Academy our mission is pure and simple: to enable our pupils to lead remarkable lives. This is the golden thread that binds us all together – the reason that despite our very different paths to The Green Way Academy, we are all part of one family.

We are a popular school of choice in the local area and have now partnered up with McMillan Nursery School next door to give your child the very best education from 2 years onwards.  Our staff teams in both schools are  dedicated to giving pupils the very best learning experiences along with the highest standard of teaching . We also pride ourselves on keeping pupils safe and happy to learn. Our pupils are well behaved, hard working and kind individuals who enjoy school and making progress. The school has invested greatly in educational recovery since our Covid closures  and we were very proud of our results in 2023! 

Please check out our Facebook page to see daily updates and celebrations! We are also on X !  We are also live every Monday at 5pm on our Facebook page-why not join us?

Simon Bush


Mr S Bush, Headteacher

Meet Frankie our school mascot!