Our Virtual School Timetable can be found here:

Timetable of Virtual School Lessons.

School Complaints Policy

This policy covers all the information required should you wish to make a complaint.

TEC Complaints Policy

Preferred Communication

All letters are sent home in dyslexia friendly font. These are published on the website and on the TEC App. If you require any other form of communication (i.e. audio messages on the website, phone calls) please let us know and we will do everything we can to help.

School Uniform September 2019

There are no changes to the uniform for September 2019.

Ofsted Reports

The School was inspected on 17 to 18th June 2014. The report can be downloaded here .

As a parent, you can give your views to OFSTED, about your child's education in the school. Simply click here to visit the website.

The school was also inspected in May, 2016. Here is a copy of the report

Educate Against Hate Information

In the current climate it is extremely important for all of us to be aware of how extremist groups target our vulnerable children to radicalise their views and how to tackle this.

Click the link to see important advice for us all.

This website gives parents practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

The school has produced a Statement of British Values Document which we expect all members of the school community to adhere to.

Mental Health Awareness

Mr Spears has spoken to all students in assembly. For guidance visit the article here.

Rewards System for Students

. These awards are called TEC TICs (TICs for short) and are awarded at the discretion of the class teacher. TICs are awarded in the following categories:-

  • Excellent Achievement in Class - For work of exceptional quality

  • Excellent Effort in Class - For consistently working hard/showing initiative

  • Outstanding Homework - For homework containing additional input/further research

  • Demonstrating outstanding role model skills - Any instance where the student sets a good example to others.

  • Excellent Community Contribution - Voluntary contribution in the school or community

  • Representing the School or House - Any activity where the student is chosen to represent the School or House.

In addition 3 TICs will be awarded to all students who achieve 100% attendance each week. Any Tutor group which achieves 100% attendance from all students in any week, will receive an extra 2 TICs to each student.

At the end of each term, each teacher will be asked to nominate three students from each of their classes to receive a Head of Faculty (or Head of House from Tutors). Each award will be worth 5 TICs and parents will receive a letter indicating the subject areas awarded.

Unfortunately, at present, Parents cannot see these awards online. Students should keep a record of their awards in planners weekly for Parents to see.

The term dates for future years can be seen on the Staffordshire Website. Click here to visit the relevant page

All meetings, information and events will be notified to all parents by letter, at the appropriate time. All letters will be published this website. In addition we now have a School App available for Apple and Android devices, which has many useful links and will include all letters. Search your App store for Tamworth Enterprise College, the App is free.

School Uniform

The new school uniform will be worn by all students from the start of the new school year in September 2014. As most parents are aware we are changing from the blue t shirt to a traditional shirt and tie, a change which was suggested and endorsed by students, staff and parents.

Uniform Guidelines can be seen here . These will be updated shortly to ensure the information is fully correct

Data Protection

AET Data protection Policy

As the school clearly handles and stores information about its pupils, we are legally obliged to protect that information. Under the Data Protection Act we must:

  • only collect information that we need for a specific purpose;

  • keep it secure;

  • ensure it is relevant and up to date;

  • only hold as much as we need, and only for as long as we need it; and

  • allow the subject of the information to see it on request.

We must issue a Privacy Notice to inform you of our obligations under the Data Protection Act. This will be given to all new students (Year 7). All other students should have been given a copy previously. This notice can be downloaded here

We must also inform you of the Agencies with which we share information. A page on this can be viewed on the Staffordshire Website

Images of Students

We want the new website to be full of photographs of students learning and participating in the many trips and activities we run. However we do understand that some parents do not wish their child's image to appear on the website, for a variety of reasons.