Information on Free School Meals and Application Details

Parents claiming some benefits can claim free school meals for any of their children who are registered at a Staffordshire school and who would normally be at school at lunch time. School meals are a good way to ensure that your child eats well at lunchtime, and you can save yourself time and money.

Even if you don't want your children to have the meals, claiming them helps their school. The more eligible parents who claim meals, the more funding the school receives.

A Staffordshire CC leaflet is available to explain who is eligible and how to claim, but the major details are here:-

If you receive any of the following benefits your child is eligible for free school meals.

  • Income Support

  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance

  • eligible for Child Tax Credit but not Working Tax Credit and the household income (as used by HMRC to assess tax credits) is not more that £16,190. Please note: anyone eligible for Working Tax Credit, or if you have a partner and they receive it, regardless of Income, you will not qualify

  • The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit (from 30th April 2005)

  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

  • In receipt of the 4 week run on of working tax credit (this is where someone becomes unemployed or reduces their hours and so is no longer entitled to working tax credit but will continue to receive it for a further 4 weeks and is entitled to free meals during that time)

  • Universal credit

How to apply

On line here (note you can only apply on line if you meet the low income criteria above)

Or complete the application form and send it into the school reception..

More details can be found on the Staffordshire CC Website