School Forms and Guidelines for Requests for Absence During Term Time

School Forms for Parents

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Please note the Government Policy on student absence for holidays, a letter was sent out to parents at the start of the year and can be seen here

Staffordshire County Council in April 2016 has amended its Code of Conduct relating to the use of Penalty Notices to ensure the promotion of the highest standards for attendance. The new regulations are contained in this letter

No parent/carer has the right to demand leave of absence. Applications for leave must be made in advance by a parent with whom the child lives and can only be authorised by the academy in exceptional circumstances. Each application is considered individually by the academy.

The following are examples of the criteria for leave of absence, which may be considered as ‘exceptional’:

Service personnel returning from active deployment.

Where inflexibility of the parents’ leave or working arrangement is part of the organisational or company policy. This would need to be evidenced by the production of appropriate documentation or confirmation from the organisation/company.

Where leave is recommended as part of a parents’ or child’s rehabilitation from medical or emotional problems. Evidence must be provided.

When a family needs to spend time together to support each other during or after a crisis.

Please note: The Principal will not be expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional

This is not an exhaustive list and the Principal must consider the individual circumstances of each case when making a decision on this matter. The decision of the Principal is final.

These forms may be printed and returned to the school office, or the downloaded form can be completed on your computer (Word document) and mailed back to the school (

Additional Forms

Students change of details

Free school meals application form

Request for school to administer medication