Pastoral Home Page Page and House Pages


The exceptionally strong support and care of students through the house system is the foundation to the academic success of students at Tamworth Enterprise College. The purpose of our Pastoral Team is to make sure every child is happy, safe and achieving well.


On entry students are placed in one of four houses. The Houses are listed below.

You may contact the Heads of Year through reception 01827 285596

Mrs Carpenter

Vice Principal/Director of KS4 - Head of Year 11

Mr Martin

Assistant Principal - Behaviour/ Director of Maths

Miss Dadral

Head of Year 10

Mrs Wedge

Head of Year 9

Mr Kermode

Head of Y8

Mr Mulholland

Head of Y7 /Y6 Transition

Each child is placed into a tutor group. Brothers and sisters are placed in the same house (though not in the same tutor group!). Tutors and Heads of Year monitor achievement, social interaction, behaviour, attendance and punctuality.

We have very high expectations of attitudes towards people and learning, behaviour and attendance. In meeting these expectations students need to be clear that they must not disrupt other students and prevent them from working. Equally, bullying in any form is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

All tutor groups have a series of weekly routines and expectations which are taken very seriously. We feel that this routine helps develop positive organisations skills in our students and contributes to their social development

  • Weekly RSHE programme

  • Planners – signed and checked once a week both in school and at home

  • Uniform – no trainers, jewellery, hoodies, make-up

  • Attendance – each week on a Monday, students make a note in their planners of their current attendance figure

  • Rewards – students earn merits for good work and being a good citizen (see below for categories)

  • Year assemblies, which occur once a week in morning registration.

  • Discussion and activity mornings – These mornings offer students a chance to discuss topical and social issues in an effort to develop their communication skills. Other activity mornings build a ‘family’ environment for the group giving them a chance to work together to enhance effective team work.

The year groups (and their Heads!) are very competitive. Merits earned by students are collected throughout the year and house trophies won accordingly. Students can win merits for

  • ˜ Good work in lessons

  • ˜ Continued effort in lessons

  • ˜ Representing the school

  • ˜ Making a community contribution

  • Outstanding Homework

  • Demonstrating good role model skills

In addition merits are earned for 100% weekly attendance and Effort Grades. Heads of Year/Faculty also award extra merits for continuous good work in their area/tutor group at the end of each term

To further encourage good attendance, weekly attendance figures are provided for each tutor.

Certificates are also earned for progressive numbers of merits and the top thirty students in KS3 and the top thirty students in KS4 are taken on a school trip.

Supporting Students

Students with special educational needs and disabilities are very well supported by our learning support department which includes our large and dedicated team of teaching assistants.


All students are expected to wear, and be proud of, their TEC uniform (the uniform policy and photographs are on this website, see the Parent's Page). Our uniform creates the identity and sense of belonging to their house and to the Belgrave community.


Tamworth Enterprise College is committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the students entrusted to our care. All staff working with students are rigorously checked and trained to identify any child protection issues.

How You Can Help

  • Ensure students do not miss school for any reason – it is true what they say – high attendance equals high achievement.

  • Discuss school with students and take an interest in what they are doing. If education is not seen as important to you, it probably will not be to them either.

  • Attend parents’ evenings.

  • Actively promote high standards of uniform and behaviour.

  • Internet Supervision: please be aware what your child is doing on their computer. This monitoring will ensure greater safety and reduce friendship issues which are caused by a misuse of social networking sites. Children should be 13 before using ‘Facebook’.

  • Talk to us! Our relationship with you is as equally important as our relationship with your child. If you have a concern, or just want to check something out just get in touch.


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Carpenter

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Carlyle


Mrs Simon


Mr Spears

If you have any concerns or worries about yourself or someone you know, you can speak to any of our safeguarding team in school.