About our School

Catchment Area:

Tamworth is a historic market town, home to former Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel. The town was once the capital of the Mercia with its famous castle at its heart.

The catchment area draws from the Belgrave, Glascote and Stoneydelph wards located in the southern part of the town, close to the M42. Over the years, Tamworth has grown and developed into a thriving town attracting many big names in the retail and leisure industry and consequently, road, rail and leisure facilities in the town are excellent.

The academy has excellent links with feeder schools and is at the heart of the local community.

The School Day:


8.40-9.10am - Registration

9.10-10.10am - Period 1

10.10-11.10am - Period 2

11.10-11.30am - Break

11.30-12.30am - Period 3

12.30- 1.30pm - Period 4


1.30-2pm - Lunch

2pm-3pm - Period 5

School closes at 3.00 pm but a range of enrichment activities and extra classes or intervention continue until 4pm.

Morning registration sees a range of activities, assemblies and discussions take place - including our effective RSHE programme of study.


The senior leadership team welcomes you to TEC:

Mrs Gemma Simon

Executive Headteacher

Mr Jonathon Spears

Head of School

Mrs Clare Carpenter

Vice Principal

Mr James Colin

Assistant Principal

Data & Outcomes

Mr Tom Martin

Assistant Principal

Behaviour & Expectations

Miss Jenna Brindley

Assistant Principal

Teaching & Learning

Mrs Sally Perks


The Associate Leadership Team:

Mr Ben Walker

Lead Practitioner

Miss Jo Collyer

Lead Practitioner

Student Care:

A priority is given to fostering positive relationships and respect among all members of the school community. Our morning tutor time provides students with the opportunity to explore key issues in the world around them through the RSHE programme. Our student support team is invaluable and they work tirelessly to support every aspect of our students' personal development and welfare. We have access to an ontite cousellor and have good links with a range of agencies to offer a myriad of support encompassing the whole child and their family.

Mrs Jayne Carlyle

Mrs Heward

Our Faculties:

Detailed curriculum information for each subject can be found in our subject area here.

The English Faculty

Mr B Walker - Lead Practitioner

Mrs D Wedge - HOY 9

Mrs H Bridgman - Teacher of English

Miss E Berry - Teacher of English

Miss K Sanders - Teacher of English

Miss J Brindley- Teacher of English

The Maths Faculty

Miss J Collyer - Lead Practitioner

Miss E May - Second in Maths

Mr T Martin- Teacher of Maths

Mr A Dalessio - Teacher of Maths

The Science Faculty

Mrs S Bhatt - Head of Science

Mr G Nicastro - Second in Science

Mr J Colin - Assistant Principal

Miss C Doherty - Teacher of Science

Miss L Cox - Teacher of Science

Mrs B Allen - Science Technician

The Humanities Faculty

Mr S Chohan - Head of Humanities

Miss L Kiddie - Teacher of History

Miss K Caldicott - Teacher of History

Mrs S perks - Teacher of Geography

Miss E Skelton - Teacher of Geography

The PE Faculty

Mr B Kermode - Head of PE

Mrs C Carpenter - Vice Principal

Miss E Harris - Teacher of PE

Miss C Elliot - Teacher of PE

The Creative Arts Faculty

Ms J Baxter - Head of Creative Arts

Mr M Mulholland - Head of Y7/ Teacher of Art/Photography

Miss M Dadral - Head of Y10/ Teacher of Drama

Mrs E Daire - Teacher of Music

Miss R Dunn - Teacher of Food Technology

The MFL Faculty

Mrs L Garcia - Lead Teacher of Spanish