Pioneer 3 Homepage

Welcome to our home page.

It's a new term in Abercanaid School. I hope you're well relaxed and have had a great time this holiday as this new term promises to be a fun but busy one.

Below you will find important information about being in Pioneer 3 at Abercanaid.

Weekly Timetable For Our Class

Wednesday: Bring in homework books and reading journals sent home the previous Friday. It is also #Wednesday today.

Thursday: Today is indoor PE, so you will need your kit.

Friday: Today is outdoor PE, so you will need your kit. Homework will be sent home today.

As discussed in Parents Evening, lease try to read with your child regularly and focus on the activities/games to develop understanding.

Other Information

Our school has a healthy eating policy so please only send water, fruit or a vegetable for break. No fruit winders, juice or cereal bars.

Thank you.