Children's Roles and Responsibilities

At Abercanaid, our children have many roles and responsibilities around the school. Here are some of the titles that our children have earned.

Head Boy and Girl

Deputy Head Boy and Girl

At the beginning of the year, our Year 6 children had the opportunity to apply to become our head boy and girl. They had to produce a speech to deliver to the whole school and be voted for by all of the children.

Our head and deputy boys and girls are involved in lots of the decisions made in school, working closely with Mrs. Edwards (Head) to run the school as well as delegating jobs to other children in their class so that our school works brilliantly as one big team.

School Council

Our School council are involved in lots of the decision making that takes place in school, specifically the decisions affecting the children including raising funds and charity events and deciding how the money raised should best be spent to benefit all of the children here at Abercanaid.

These children had to prepare a speech and were voted by their class mates to represent each class in the school.

ESDGC stands for Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

ESDGC is built around seven themes:

          • the natural environment
          • consumption and waste
          • climate change
          • wealth and poverty
          • identity and culture
          • choices and decisions
          • health

At Abercanaid, our Eco-Council are in charge of improving our school environment and the impact our actions have on the earth's environment.

Please click on the Eco-Council bubble to see more.

International Links

As part of our ESDGC work we try to find out about life in other countries around the world.

Information about our links will be posted below.

Argentina - Children's Home

In September 2014 the School Established links with Children's Home in Argentina.

The Children's Home, part of the Sierra Dorada Foundation - cares for 26 children who have been harmed or mistreated.

The children from Abercanaid hled a non uniform day in November to raise funds for the home.

Here you will find part of the video dialogue between us and children in Argentina.

Healthy schools is our newest venture. This is run by Mrs. Haines (HLTA) who works closely with each class to improve our schools health.

Every day, the whole school is involved in 20 minutes of fitness where we do a range of activities such as circuits, running and dance.

We also have a fruit tuck shop which is run by the Year 6 children and allows the children to purchase healthy snacks at playtime.

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