Community Clean Up Regulations

Dumpster Day

Have some broken items lying around the house that are no longer usable? Get rid of them at RCA’s annual Dumpster Day! Dumpsters will be available once a year as part of Baltimore County’s Community Clean-Up Program on White Oak Avenue next to Ridgeleigh Park.

Have usable items that are just taking up space?

If you are handicapped, disabled, or elderly and need assistance, please contact in order for a volunteer to pick up your trash or donations.


The Community Clean-Up Program targets trash/recycles that are NOT picked up curbside by the normal refuse collection.

Prohibited Items

  • explosive or flammable materials

  • acids, caustics, pesticides, chemicals

  • medical/radioactive waste

  • liquids or liquid waste

  • drums or tanks (unless clean and cut in half)

  • animal carcasses

  • large stumps

  • wood/logs greater than 8” in diameter and 6’ in length

  • most large items that cannot be lifted manually

  • household electronics

  • computer equipment (CPU’s, monitors, keyboards, printers, laptops, scanners, cables, and cords)

  • televisions, VCRs, and DVD players

  • telephones (including cell phones and answering machines)

  • stereos

  • fax machines

  • video display devices

  • antifreeze, asbestos shingles (or other asbestos materials), batteries (vehicle and marine), oil, paint, and household hazardous chemicals

One dumpster will be reserved for metal items. This does not include refrigerators and air conditioners.

Please adhere to the above regulations or RCA may be fined for illegal dumping.