Important update regarding the Oakleigh Pet Cemetery

Post date: Mar 18, 2013 12:48:0 AM

There has recently been a considerable amount of media coverage regarding the possible restoration of the Oakleigh PetCemetery following the Ridgeleigh Community Association's General Membership Meeting on February 19, 2013. It has come to our attention that following the meeting other persons or groups have formed with the stated purpose of cleaning up the cemetery. It has also come to our attention that certain person(s) have come forward claiming to be agents of the current owner of the Oakleigh Pet Cemetery. To date it remains unclear to the RCA board of directors whether these persons or groups are authorized to represent the cemetery owner or to what extent they may be authorized to initiate restoration efforts. All requests made to any agent(s) from the board for documentation of the property owner’s authorization to direct clean up efforts have so far been refused. We are therefore requesting that stakeholders exercise caution with respect to contributing time, money, and other resources toward these clean up efforts. They are not sponsored or approved by the community-elected board of directors and we cannot guarantee the outcome.

The Ridgeleigh Community Association looks forward to working with the community and the owner of the Oakleigh PetCemetery in order to improve its current condition. We will be posting future updates as they become available. We can be contacted by calling 410-657-2319 or through email at Thanks again for supporting our community.