Message from Sargent Fink of the Baltimore County Police dept.

Post date: Jan 03, 2014 9:53:8 PM

Over the past two weeks our Towson communities have experienced a rash of residential burglaries, thefts of property. Although we've not identified any specific pattern to these burglaries nor is one neighborhood being targeted over any other there are a few things we here at Towson Precinct would like to address and have you, our Community Leaders, Contacts get out to your neighbors. Should you a have a Community Newsletter/email please include this with it. These incidents have occurred in both our residential communities and apartment complexes.

First, with these burglaries happening through the Christmas Holiday many were in connection with the easy accessibility to valuable property/items that could be easily removed from one's residence once entry was made.

As for entry those responsible made it by a multitude of ways: open door, unlocked door, possibly having a door key; reaching through a mail slot on the door, slipping through a "doggy door".

The message we'd like to get out to everyone is to once again always be vigilant in protecting yourself, your home and property. Even doing something like going out to start your car this time of year to warm it up from the cold, keep your keys with you and if your front door and /or vehicle is out of your sight in the process secure them so no one can enter behind you. If you lose keys, replace those locks, don't give someone access to your house by using our own keys. Mail slots, if all you have is a door knob lock securing your front door install a deadbolt lock but make sure it is far enough away from the mail slot that someone cannot reach through and unlock the deadbolt. If you already have a deadbolt and it's within reach of the mail slot you may want to consider another lock/deadbolt. Doggy doors, if you have a way of securing that entry while you're out please use it. Just understand burglars, thieves come in many shapes and sizes and though not many people can crawl through a doggy door some can so do what you can to secure this access point to your home when you're out.

With the apartment complexes one thing Officers were noting was that many residents were away over the Holidays so the thieves took advantage of the reduced population. If you live in an apartment complex and know your fellow residents then look out for each other. If you don't know your fellow residents at least recognize those who you know belong in the building so that if you see someone you don't recognize or know to be allowed in the building--maintenance, Postal Carriers, Delivery People, etc--call 911 or at least Building Management if it's someone who looks like they're working in the building but you're not exactly sure.

Please always be vigilant in securing your valuables inside your home, locking all your doors, windows, vehicles. Keep an eye outside, call 911 any time you see something suspicious, criminal and be alert to what's going on around you, your house. your neighborhood always.

Thank You, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815 PC06 COT