Police issue advisory on recent Towson robberies

Post date: Jan 12, 2013 7:48:15 PM

From Sgt. Fink, Towson Precinct 06:

Since the end of December through the start of this month Towson has seen a rash of robberies in many communities. On the afternoon of Thu, 1/10 there were two involving juvenile victims, one victim was a student at Towson High and three others were students at Dumbarton Middle and all were victimized as they were walking home from school. The suspect in both is an African-American male who implied a weapon both times. The Towson High student gave up her cell phone while the three Dumbarton students ran away from the suspect before surrendering any property. These two incidents happened a short while after an unrelated suspect entered and robbed the Walgreen's on York Rd at Walker Ave, reported to Baltimore City.

On the evening of 12/31/12 a young man was robbed at knife point in Towson by three juveniles. Towson Precinct Detectives identified the juveniles involved, arrested them and recovered property.

During the first week of January four people, two men and two women were approached and robbed of their wallets (the men) and purses (the women) in separate incidents. In one incident the suspect was a white male, in the other three incidents it was a team of two African-American males but each time the victim was physically assaulted and robbed of their property.

All of these incidents are active investigations. As we develop more information on the persons responsible we will forward it to all of you but right now we just need you to get the word out to your neighbors to contact 9-1-1 any time suspicious persons or activity is seen. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, keep your personal property close to your person, try not to use your cell phones as you walk outside and maybe keep as many valuables as possible at home and not on you as you go out. Reduce the amount of valuables as you're out and about. If you should be a victim of a crime notify us via 9-1-1 as quickly as possible.

We will be out and about aggressively patrolling the neighborhoods to deter such activity and make our communities safer.

Thank You, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815 Towson Precinct COT