***Ridgeleigh community will be having a rat extermination starting August 4th, 2014.***

Post date: Jul 30, 2014 7:13:31 PM

If you know you have rat holes/burrows on your property or know that your neighbor has them and you want them taken care of you will need to report it to code enforcement. You can do it onlineanonymously. This way if the exterminator does not see the holes it will be taken care.


***Reminder*** You will get a $150 fine if you do not have a sealed trash can with a lid. And after the rat extermination it will be $250 fine. The best cans are metal, but if you can't afford a metal one you will at least get a thick plastic trash can. Please let your neighbors know if they are not on Nextdoor or Facebook.

For more information go here.


You can opt out on the above website.