Message from Sgt. Fink regarding snow storms and parking space savers

Post date: Mar 05, 2015 1:36:11 PM

With another major Snowstorm expected on Thursday 3/5 I want to remind everyone, particularly those Communities that have a large number of vehicles parked curbside where residents need to dig out their cars to drive that placing objects in the roadway to "reserve" or "save" those spots is illegal. We in the Police Department fully understand folks desire to have these spots available to them upon their return home. The time and effort spent to uncover their vehicle is honorable however the Streets are Public thoroughfares open to all and the same goes for parking on those streets. Putting lawn furniture and other items in the roadway to keep the spot available for when the vehicle operator returns home is not allowed under the Traffic Laws of Maryland. Placing foreign objects in the roadway is simply illegal and the person responsible for doing so can be cited. On the more Civil side of this issue we too often see in the News reports of violence as someone tries to remove objects placed in these shoveled spots so that they may park in that unoccupied spot. NO ONE should be Attacked, Assaulted, Injured over a Parking Spot but sadly it happens. We as People, as Community Members, as Good Neighbors should not allow nor condone this type of ruthless behavior. Whether a Snowy Day in March or a Sunny Day in July parking is at a premium in many communities here in Towson, throughout Baltimore County and certainly within Baltimore City but NO ONE should be at risk for legally parking their vehicle along any of our streets. Please pass this along to all Your Friends and Neighbors. Reminding them that though it is a lot of work digging out One's Car from a Snow Covered Curbside Spot once they drive away that spot is now to remain open and not blocked by items not native to the street. Besides, the more objects placed in the Streets the harder it is for the Snow Plows to clear the Streets properly.

Thank You, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815 PC06 COT