ULearn 2016  Breakout 4 Thursday, October 6, 2016 1:45 PM

Innovate. Create. Celebrate.
Bring out the inner Fanboy / Fangirl.
Apple users get together for a fun session of sharing the interesting, cool, funky and fun things we can do using Apple products.
Share your ideas, favourite apps, tips and tricks with fellow enthusiasts. 
It could be: 
  • things you do on your MacBooks or iMacs, iPhones or iPads, iWatch or....... 
  • ways you set up programmes, apps, workflows and systems to make them work better for you. 
  • cool ideas you have.
  • how you make your network or wifi go faster. 
  • programmes you buy that you love using - or free ones you download.
  • what are your learners doing that impress and amaze
  • how has teaching been revolutionised by your Apple products
  • AND we will be very happy to see the must-have peripherals you bring back or buy online from overseas - those purple fluffy iPad covers that double as hand warmers etc etc
@newsfromnic: @apple #ulearn16 learning heaps at sMACdown w/ @dorothyjburt check out apps listed... pic.twitter.com/hSEAvpIt09 

This session will be facilitated by a bunch of enthusiastic Apple users - some of whom are experts and some of whom just like to have fun with their cool toys.  Between them they have heaps to share.

Dorothy Burt    Fiona Grant    Lenva Shearing   and more....

But this is a sMACdown and so we want YOU to participate as well.

This is how it works.
We will have a MacBook and an AppleTV set up connected to a projector and speakers. Each person gets 2 minutes to share an idea. You can have multiple turns at speaking, but each time, you get 2 minutes.  And to keep it sharp and lively we only use the one laptop so we don't waste time plugging and unplugging.  Life is too short for that, even using a Mac!.

To keep it snappy, all the resources you want to talk about need to be online so that we can click on a link and see it. This means you might need to give us the URL to:
  • a website
  • photo sharing site (Flickr/tweetphoto/iCloud/Google Drive etc) where you upload the screen shots you create
  • Web page/ Site you created
  • iCloud
  • iTunes Store / iTunes U
  • etc
Get the idea?  Unless you are holding something up for a show and tell, we need a web link to see it. And even if you are holding something up, we still would appreciate a weblink to find it again later.

You can decide to participate during the session or you can make your contribution via the Google Form below in advance.  If everyone does this you walk away from the sMACdown with a huge resource of everything that was shared - and you can participate fully without needing to take notes.
So bring your toys and join in the mayhem!

Submit a Tip for the sMACdown in the Form below

NB: You will be called on to present your Tip during the session

2016 Apple sMACdown Tips and Tricks Submission Form

When you have submitted your suggestion, the spreadsheet below will have recorded your response. (You may need to refresh your browser for this to show).
We share all the submissions publicly so you know if someone else has already submitted your idea.
These submissions can be done in advance OR at the sMACdown.
This is also a way to encourage 'Virtual Participation' by people who can't attend.