Leading the learning 

Direct Instruction
The learning intention for this lesson was to use sound files in scratch scripts, however the lesson was designed to help learners become more confident and comforatble using scripts to do different tasks, and further understand the logic.  The leaners were required to make their own virtual 'band' using the scratch code blocks, and the pre-existing sprites and sound files on scratch. As the learners became more confident, the lesson kept extending the complexity of the scripts.
Detailed Plan Here
Reflection/ Next steps
As the video shows the learners are very engaged and appear to enjoy the lesson. Every student was able to succeed for the initial part of the lesson, and could confidently repeat the process on multiple process. Some learners continued with the presentation and succeeded in creating new and original ideas within the programme for the 'band' idea. Overall this lesson was very successful. I succeeded in scaffolding all the learners initially, and then once they got started with the basic skills, many could extend there learning on their own. As I had anticipated the sound files were all too tempting to play with, and some behavioural management was necessary to get learners back on task. However, this was surprisingly quite minimal and most learners were eager to listen and learn the new skills.

Learning Site Content

Scratch: Making music Walt: use sound files in scratch projects. 1. Please read all instructions carefully, both on this site and in docs. 2. Follow teacher instructions and the presentation - Stick with the group, you will have time to customise and play with your project later. 3. Challenge - Once you have learned the basics with your teacher, how can you make it your own! 4. Share - Share your project back to the Room 10 project page  

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