Leading the learning 

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was using and understanding new vocabulary. However, the skills that learners had built on previously around perspective taking were necessary to complete the activities and tasks.
This lesson shows my direct instruction for a new type of follow up activity.

Learners working

The second video shows how the learners engaged with the task while they worked on it. They were instructed to sit together for this task and discuss their answers as they wrote.
Detailed Plan Here
Reflection/ Next steps
Learners did not seem to see the importance of reading all the texts. Although the Agree or Disagree task worked well, I think the discussion would have been richer if the learners had engaged deeper with the texts. The follow up discussion with the group after the agree or disagree task was good, however learners did not delve deeper into what it meant to be a comic artist more than they had already.

Things to note
In this episode I have tried to show a small part of my direct instruction, followed by footage of the learners working on the task together. 

Learning Site Content

Comic Artists Walt: understand and use new vocabulary. 1. Read all instructions carefully, both on the site and inside docs. 2. Read the following journal articles - Blue Roses - Matthew Tanielu Hunkin 3. Complete the Vocab task - Remember to use the Google search "Define: (new word)" - Share your definition with a buddy and discuss - Make sure your definitions are in your own words. 4. Read the article "A beginner’s guide to the King Of Comics, Jack Kirby" 5. Your teacher will instruct you into how to complete the Agree or Disagree task with your peers. - You will need to work on this task together, so you will need to sit and discuss the task together. 6. Complete the advice blog  
Text: Blue Roses
Extra Texts
Journal Article: Mathew Tanielu Hunkin
A beginner’s guide to the King Of Comics, Jack Kirby

Google Draw: Vocab Task
Google Doc: Agree or Disagree
Presentation: Advice Blog