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Listening to World Languages

posted Dec 19, 2016, 12:38 PM by Jeffrey Jones

  • Radio Garden - listen to radio stations all over the world simply by clicking on geo-location dots on a globe. The Ity and country are shown in the bottom left corner. (suggested by Jeannie Boyd! Thanks!)

Google Translate - a report says...

posted Oct 4, 2016, 10:31 AM by Jeffrey Jones

it "is getting really, really accurate'. What do YOU think?

An article in the Washington Post entitled: Google Translate is getting really, really accurate.

"Last week, Google launched an updated translation tool that utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence to produce startlingly accurate language translations...Translating from English to Spanish, the new Google tool’s translation was rated an average of 5.43; human translators earned an average of 5.5"

Read the whole article to find out more.  Source:

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