Creative Use of Resources

Online Meme Generators

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Engaging Students with Humor

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As always, preview or test any Website or App before using with students to be sure it is appropriate.
"Students can get restless about this time of year. Summer vacation is near and so is April Fool’s Day and Easter. Many students also are testing or gearing up for graduation and this can be a stressful time for both teachers and students. Humor can help you and students avoid burn-out. Humor also engages students and keeps their minds open to the learning when implemented appropriately! Below are some free web tools, apps, and resources to add some humor to lessons.

Classroom Posters

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I haven't looked at all the posters offered by these sources so can't give a flat out recommendation. Use your own judgement.

Have another source to recommend? Please let me know!

Creative Classroom Uses for Common Items

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