Tools for Writers

Cute PDF Editor — Cloud based PDF editor and converter.

Digital Writing Workshop: Apps and Websites — This wiki is packed with enough resources to work your way through, section by section! Discover the best apps and websites for a wide variety of tasks, from brainstorming ideas to creating audio, video, and presentations. — If you are trying to locate a person's grave, wanting to get a feel for typical names of people who lived and died in a certain era, or want to research what famous people are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Cedar Falls, Iowa, this is the website for you!

Inspiration — the lite version is free for the ipad. Download free 30 day trial on your PC. Can display map as visual or outline. Hands down my favorite mapping software or app to generate and organize my ideas.

Netlingo -- the internet dictionary of tech terms

People Search engine — helps you to locate the phone number for a person and then lists their neighbors. It can be helpful for tracking down an old neighbor or friend.

Refdesk — Refdesk is a great resource: visit and you will find a number of search tools and reference resources on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, you will see News headlines. In the middle column you will find numerous daily diversions.

Scrivener — Can download for a free 30 day trial. Then, you can buy it for only $40 ($35 for Educator’s Discount) Helps you outline, write, revise and export. Can gather notes, visuals, and drafts.

The People's History Website (What happened the year you were born?) — This website helps you to research specific details from the past. What did a car cost in 1960? What were the big news headlines that year, or the top songs on the radio?