Mobile Technology

One of the most powerful forces shaping the way we use technology is MOBILE.

Smartphones have replaced the old Trac phone and more people are carrying a tablet than laptops.

Restaurants, stores, libraries, and other public spaces boast high-speed internet to appeal to consumers who want to be able to get online from anywhere at any time.

Black hands holding cell phone
Student with iPad
Cherie at the Teaching Station, using iPad

We got our first iPhones in the summer of 2009, and life has never been the same!

My Community College got its first iPad cart in the Spring of 2012

Teaching with my iPad in my very High Tech classroom at Hawkeye Community College.

But what does it mean to us, as writers?

Increasingly, we are using our mobile devices to do research, check email, get on our various Social Media pages, read a book, or scribble notes.

Many of us write a blog, maintain a website, or send out an email newsletter. How do those websites look on mobile devices?

Last Updated June 26, 2015