Dargan's Tech Jargon: What does it mean?

Many people are intimidated by hearing new words that are technology-related jargon.

How do you learn the meaning of these words?

Several strategies:

1. Sign up for a daily email with a word from Netlingo.com.

Go to the website's homepage: you can sign up for a word a day.

Here is a recent example.

Internet Jargon of the Day - Friday June 19, 2015

Slang for a person who has managed to cram an inordinate amount of data on to their hard drive, with no apparent filing system or known way of easily retrieving the data.

2. When you hear a new word, check it out at the Netlingo website. You can search by typing in the term in the little box in the upper right-hand side. You can also search alphabetically or by selecting a category.

The site covers text & chat abbreviations, technical terms, hardware, software and programming terms, online business and marketing terms, and links to resources about smileys.

Here is a screen shot of the list of categories covered by Netlingo.

the Netlingo website

You can also order a copy of their book, listing terms used in chat and text.

What terms seem to confuse people?

Cloud storage


Think Google Docs, iCloud, Evernote, Drop Box and many other services.

Last Updated June 26, 2015