This collection of articles and remembrances tells how Loch Haven grew from a dirt road off Central Avenue in the 1940’s to where we are today.

Newspaper Articles and Books

Loch Haven Changes, But Retains Unique Character. The Capital, March 1998

Cape Loch Haven, Fairy Tale That's Come True in Maryland. Washington Post, October 1989

Cape Loch Haven Reflects Charm of Age, Youth. Maryland Gazette, April 1953

Loch Havenites Do Winter Work to Make Summer Fun. Unknown date and newspaper, late 1940’s or early 1950’s

Summer Communities on the Mayo Peninsula, from Chesapeake's Western Shore: Vintage Vacationland, by Lara L. Lutz, Images of America, 2009

Written by Loch Haven Residents

History of the Navy Pier, by Denise Lee. Loch Haven Newsletter, June 2019

History of Loch Haven, The Land (1649-1953), by Bridget Duls. Date unknown.

Comings and Goings, Article 2, by Tommy Dicken. Loch Haven Newsletter, May 1993

Comings and Goings, Article 3, by Tommy Dicken. Loch Haven Newsletter, November 1993

A Snapshot in Time, Loch Haven in 1946, by Terri Weddell. Loch Haven Newsletter, May 2014

The Mellichampe Family, Part 1, by Karla Diaz, Loch Haven Newsletter, November 2014

Early Resident, Collection of photos by Tony Mellichampe, Loch Haven in 1946-1960

Early Resident, Collection of newspaper articles about Dick Edwards, who purchased lots and built homes starting in 1946.

Brewer Cemetery

The Nicholas Brewer Family Cemetery


Community Property Transferred from Loch Haven Beach, Inc., to the Loch Haven Civic Association, The Capital, December 1953

Over the years, many residents have taken an interest in documenting and preserving the history of Loch Haven. These include Tommy Dicken, Terri Weddell, Karla Diaz, Tony Mellichampe, Jimmy Zivkovich, Bill Harlow, Chris Jackson, and Bridget Duls.

If you have anything to share about the history of Loch Haven, please contact Denise Lee.