Board of Directors

The Loch Haven Civic Association is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors. The term of each Director is three years. Elections are held each November at the General Membership Meeting when five new Board members may be elected into office to replace five old members with expired terms. A President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary are also elected at this time.

All committee chairpersons are appointed by the President and each committee chairperson may select his or her committee members. The Board of Directors is always looking for volunteers to help on the various committees.


Lance Davis

Diane Quigley

John Cotter

Dick Barton

LHCA Board of Directors Terms

2016-2019: John Cotter, Lindsay Feroli, Denise Lee, Kevin Lare, Nathan Bruins

2017-2020: Rob Crupi, Lance Davis, Dick Barton, Sherry Chute, Liz Fiallo

2018-2021: Diane Quigley, Sharon Magill, Pam Cotter, Eric Bergendahl, Bill Vosburgh


Dick Barton (outgoing)

  • Gates and Triangles
  • Maintains and improves the entrance gates and the three landscaped triangles.

Jenni Beck (outgoing)

  • Advertising and Entrance Sign
  • Manages newsletter advertising and updates the entrance sign with announcements.

Nathan Bruins

  • Rec Area
  • Responsible for general maintenance and repair of the Recreation Area, including tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball area, playground equipment, picnic tables, and lighting.

Sherry Chute

  • Children's Activities
  • Manages events including the Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa's visit, and outdoor movie nights.

Pam Cotter

  • Membership
  • Encourages membership, collects dues, checks the PO Box, and creates the directory.

Rob Crupi

  • Beach
  • Oversees all aspects of the beach, including nets, swim platform, living shoreline, picnic tables, playground area, and general maintenance and repair.

Lindsay Feroli

Liz Fiallo

  • Community Property
  • Collaborates with pier/beach/rec area and oversees LHCA properties not covered by other committees.

Kevin Lare

  • Pier
  • Manages all aspects of the community pier, including slips, ramp keys, and general maintenance and repair of the pier area.

Denise Lee

  • Newsletter and Website
  • Edits and designs the newsletter and the website and manages the Residents email list.

Sharon Magill

  • Security
  • Works to ensure that Loch Haven is safe and secure by addressing matters such as speeding, unlicensed vehicles, front lawn and general parking violations, lost pets, power/street light outages.

These are the current committees, but committees can be combined into individual chair positions on the Board, or multiple committees can be combined into one chair as directed by the President.