1. That the said land shall be used for residential purposes only and no part of said land and common areas shall be used for a hospital, asylum, cemetery, a place of burial, factory, manufactory, or for any business or trade except those permitted by Anne Arundel County Code and approved by the appropriate local and state governmental authority.
  2. No building or addition thereto, or fence, wall or other structure shall be erected or commenced prior to the submission of plans and specifications to and issuance of, proper permits by the local governmental authority.
  3. No one shall reside temporarily or permanently in a tent, structure, trailer, or recreational vehicle without having met the minimum requirements of Anne Arundel County for occupancy of same, having obtained an occupancy permit therefore, and having obtained the approval of the Loch Haven Civic Association, Inc. Board of Directors.
  4. That the land used for any dwelling shall consist of not less than one residential lot; that all dwellings to be constructed shall comply with Anne Arundel County Code standards.
  5. That no sewage or refuse shall be emptied into the South River bounding the said premises and adjacent to the said premises on the shores thereof or into any cove, inlet, stream, or waterway connected therewith.
  6. That an easement over the five (5) feet width adjoining the interior side or rear lines of any lot is specifically reserved for public utility purposes and the right is reserved by Loch Haven Civic Association, Inc. to go upon vacant or improved lots to cut grass, weeds or plant and cultivate flowers and shrubbery, or remove debris.
  7. That no trees shall be cut, excavations made, structures built or any other physical changes made on or to community property without the specific written consent of Loch Haven Civic Association.
  8. The foregoing covenants and restrictions may be amended from time to time pursuant to the by-laws, by written instrument approved by the owners of a majority of the lots in the aforesaid subdivision, and recorded among the land records for Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
  9. These covenants, conditions and restrictions shall run with and bind the land. These covenants and restrictions are intended to supersede ail prior recorded covenants and restrictions.
  10. These covenants shall be enforced by the Loch Haven Civic Association, Inc. pursuant to the By-laws of the Association, as amended from time to time.
  11. Any and ail costs incurred enforcing these covenants by the Loch Haven Civic Association, Inc. including but not limited to attorney's fees and court costs, shall be the responsibility of, and paid by, the party who has breached these covenants and restrictions.
  12. Failure to enforce a breach of any covenant or restriction herein shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the right to enforce a future breach of any covenant or restriction.