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Install a Rain Barrel

They reduce the amount of run-off that enter the waterways and can be used to water your plants.

Help for Rain Barrels can be found at:

Conservation Landscaping & Permeable Pavers

Conservation landscaping promotes landscape management techniques and enhances wildlife habitats that work with nature to reduce pollution. Conversation landscaping encourages native plantings and lawn reduction to support the health of the Bay. Many of the driveways and parking areas are paved with impervious surfaces. The surfaces allow major storm water runoff. Pervious pavers and pavements are hard surfaces that allow water to infiltrate in the ground below. For help, go to:

Critical Area

In 1984, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Law in response to a decline in the overall quality of the Bay. This law created a special planning area, known as the Critical Area. The Critical Area is located 1,000 feet landward from mean high tide or the edge of the tidal wetlands. If you live within 1,000 feet of tidal waters, you live in a Critical Area and there are additional restrictions on construction, cleaning, and vegetative management in this area. It is very important to maintain trees and shrubs and avoid using harmful chemicals and fertilizers in this area. All excess chemicals wash directly into the water.

If you see work that you think may be a Critical Area violation, call the Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits at 410-222-7777. Other helpful offices include:

Oyster Gardening

Oysters are the Chesapeake Bay's best natural filters. They also provide essential habitat for fish and other Bay creatures. Unfortunately, our oyster population is at a critical level. You can help by growing oysters on your pier. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Arundel Rivers Federation have oyster growing programs.

Get a Tax Credit

On January 7, 2008, the Anne Arundel County Council passed Bill 85-07, sponsored by Councilwoman Cathy Vitale. This legislation provides an opportunity for property owners to apply for a credit to their property taxes if they implement storm water management techniques that reduce the overall runoff of storm water on their property. This property tax credit is available to owners of residential or commercial properties in the County. The legislation as adopted provides for:

  1. A property tax credit up to 10% of the cost of the material and installation of an approved storm water management practice. The total amount of the credit is limited to $10,000.00 extended over a five-year period.

  2. The management practice is not to be used to meet any requirement for storm water management by state or county law. If you are already required by law to do something, no credit is available.

  3. The acceptable practices are approved by the County's Office of Planning and Zoning, such as:

  • The removal of 20% of the existing impervious surfaces on the property. These could be done through the use of rain gardens, green roofs, and permeable pavers.

  • The use of rain barrels.

  • Any pre-manufactured best management practice that the Maryland Department of the Environment has approved.

More Resources for Keeping our Backyard Green

Agriculture Questions

Car & Boat Maintenance


Conservation Landscaping & Permeable Pavers

Critical Area

Energy & Water Conservation

Hazardous Waste

Lawn Care & Forestry

Plant/Pest Control

Rain Barrels

Rain Gardens


Runoff & Erosion and Soil

  • Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District, 410-571-6757, aaconservation.org

  • Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits, 410-222-7780 (Main), 410-222-7777 (24-hour Hotline)

Septic System Issues



  • Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, Watershed, Ecosystem and Restoration Services, 410-222-4240

  • Anne Arundel Soil Conversation District, 410-571-6757

Storm Water Tax Credit

Well Water Problems

Watershed Questions

Make a Donation

There are many great organizations doing great things for the bay. Some recommendations include:

    • The Chesapeake Bay Trust. The Trust has funded living shorelines in Loch Haven that have restored the main beach and that have preserved shoreline at the Overlook and in front of the swing set. The Trust raises funds with "the Bay" license plates and a check box on the Maryland tax returns. So consider sprucing up your car with bay plates or donating at tax season.

    • Become a member of the Arundel Rivers Federation. The Arundel Rivers Federation uses science, restoration and community action to make the South, West and Rhode Rivers cleaner and healthier.

    • Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Save the Bay) does a lot of great things for the bay, including community projects, education, and political activism.