About the Beach

Loch Haven's beach is a treasured part of our community. Located on the South River, the beach is approximately two blocks long. The main entrance is a paved path at South River Terrace and Cedar Drive.

The beach features a swimming area where volunteers install nets in the summer to protect swimmers from jellyfish (sea nettles). Picnic tables, benches, and a small playground are also popular features of the beach. They are located at the northwest end of the beach along the living shoreline, with a good view of an osprey nest in the summer. Adirondack chairs, built by a Board member, dot the shore.

LHCA organizes community parties on the beach each year. Members and accompanied guests have beach privileges.

In order to preserve the beach area for the enjoyment of its members, we ask that everyone who visits the beach abide by the following rules: 1) Members only; 2) Excessive noise, abusive behavior, drinking by minors, and glass containers are prohibited; 3) No loitering; 4) No dogs permitted; 5) No diving; 6) No tying or anchoring of boats to platforms or swim areas.

The beach is maintained by the LHCA Beach Committee. Contact the Beach Chair if you would like to volunteer to help keep the beach beautiful.

Background on the Beach Restoration Project

A Living Shoreline for Nature, a Beach Restoration for People

JULY 7: The Beach Project was overwhelmingly APPROVED! Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process. So many residents made the effort to understand, participate, ask questions, and vote.

Project Details

Download and read the project overview that was presented at the informational meeting on June 30. Read the information was presented about the design, the $129,000 grant recently awarded, and the financial plan for the project. The design is half living shoreline and half beach, with the grant paying for the living shoreline.

A 40 year Capital Asset Plan that shows anticipated replacement costs for all of our community assets was also shared. This plan shows how the beach project could be accomplished while still keeping all of our assets, including the pier, rec area, and overlook, maintained for the next 40 years.

LHCA Beach 2020 current condition.pdf

Beach Project Plan

Erosion March 2020

State of the Beach, March 2020 (left)

Beach Restoration Project Archives

Public Notice of Application to the Maryland Department of the Environment for the project outlined in this LHCA Beach Nourishment/Breakwater Project.

Click here to download the updated presentation given at the December 2018 beach informational meeting.

Click here to download the answers to the questions raised during the December 2018 beach informational meeting.