Community Property

The Loch Haven Civic Association owns a number of properties, large and small, throughout the community. Members and accompanied guests are welcome to use any of them. The community map shows the locations of community property.

Learn more about the Beach, Pier, Recreation Area, and Brewer Family Cemetery

Loch Haven's Entrance

Visitors to our community are welcomed by two white brick "gates" and plantings that change with the seasons. Just past the gates is the community sign where LHCA announcements are posted.

The Overlook

Located at the end of Loch Haven Drive, the Overlook is a small park directly on the South River. The lawn, garden, and bench make it a lovely place to relax. An American flag flies there, installed in memory of those who died on September 11, 2001. A living shoreline adds to the beauty of the site. LHCA and other groups within the community sometimes hold meetings at the Overlook. Parking is available to LHCA members.

Water Access Points and Riparian Land

There is a waterfront easement around much of Loch Haven. Members and accompanied guests can access this riparian land via nine rights-of-way identified with wooden posts marked "LHCA." The access points are also marked in green on the community map. Please note that homeowners' piers, bulkheads, and rip-rap are private property and may not be used.

Playing Field

A playing field for baseball games and other recreation is located at the corner of Riverview Drive and Oak Drive.


Three landscaped triangles are located at South River Terrace and Magnolia Drive, South River Terrace and Maple Leaf Drive, and Maple Leaf Drive and Cedar Drive. Two of the triangles have benches.

Unity Garden

The Unity Garden is the result of a cooperative effort of the Loch Haven Garden Club, the LHCA, and Unity Gardens, a local non-profit organization. This garden of large sea grasses, shrubs, and trees surrounds a county installation of utility equipment at Cedar Drive and South River Terrace.