The Nicholas Brewer Family Cemetery

Located on Riverview Drive beside the ball field, the Nicholas Brewer Family Cemetery is a special landmark in Loch Haven. It represents a unique place and time in the history of the property Loch Haven was built upon.

The Cemetery

The Nicholas Brewer Family cemetery is located beside the community ball field on Riverview Drive. It is assumed that it was established by Nicholas Brewer (1771-1839) for his wife, Frances (Davis) Brewer (1775-1799), the oldest dated grave. Frances was the daughter of Robert P. Davis (1719-1789) who served in the American Revolution. Nicholas was the great-great-great grandson of John Brewer. John Brewer was one of the original families of the "South River Hundred", as it was called in the 1600's, when Cecilius Calvert Second Lord Baltimore granted the acreage to John Brewer in 1667.

In 2014, the Loch Haven Civic Association, led by Jim Zivkovich, took steps to preserve and protect the cemetery by providing funds for: use of ground-penetrating radar to survey, identify, and document any and all unmarked graves in the graveyard; acquiring and setting markers on all the gravesites; and ultimately finding a perimeter of the graveyard that will aid in the protection and preservation.

Photo credit: Brewer-Bullen-Purdy Cemetery - Recopied by Tina Simmons Feb 1997