Cape Loch Haven Reflects Charm of Age, Youth - Maryland Gazette 1953

As Printed In: MARYLAND GAZETTE's 225th Anniversary Edition

Section C-19 ANNAPOLIS, MD., THURSDAY, April 9, 1953


Cape Loch Haven, in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, was in its origin (early 1946) started under the name of Loch Haven Beach, Inc. and later (1951) named Cape Loch Haven. The property is comprised of 169.5 acres and is part of the 400 acre plot once known as Brewer's Farm, or Brewerton; the land having been patented to one John Brewer, Gent., on November 16, 1667. It is a sort of cape or peninsula lying on the south side of the South River and specifically between Brewer's (Pyther's) Creek and Selby Bay, or as is noted in the old land grant, "...lying on the West side of Chesapeake Bay and on the south side of South River beginning at the marked oak by a Creekside called Pyther's Creek and running south southwest up the creek for the length of 150 perches unto a marked oak in the line of Edward Selbies Land..." So, besides having a place of beauty, we have a rich heritage even in historic Maryland.

The original Brewer home is long since gone, though remains of the foundation are still apparent. Nearby in the old Brewer burying ground there still stands one headstone showing the date of July 7, 1799, on which date Mrs. Frances Brewer, wife of Nicholas Brewer, died at the age of 24 years, 1 month and 14 days. Mr. W.W. Purdy, now living on Route 2 (Md.) between South River Bridge and Parole Station, and whose great grandfather bought this property from Nicholas Brewer 150 years ago, was born here, brought his bride to the old farm house on what is now called Oak Drive, 53 years ago, and still oversees the care of the burying ground, which according to the original deed can never be sold.

Mr. Purdy sold to Judge Owens, who built a 'manor' house, tenant house and stables, and named it Windy Knolls. These three buildings, together with the above mentioned farmhouse with its adjoining stables, were the only substantial buildings on the property when Loch Haven Come into being, and all five either have been or are being remodeled to become year 'round houses.

Cape Loch Haven is located on the most beautiful spot on the South River, overlooking Chesapeake Bay, with a clean sweep of cool salt water breezes. It has bathing and boating facilities. At low tide in Pyther's Creek, one can still see the remains of the wharf where the old schooner came in to pick up tobacco and farm products. It is quiet, restful, and practically secluded. The wooded areas include huge oaks, beeches, tulip poplars; also holly, mountain laurel and dogwood are native, as well as cedar, walnut, locust5, hickory and pines.

It is thirty-off miles from Washington, D.C. and about ten miles by road to Annapolis though much nearer by water or as the crow flies. Though originally intended more as a summer resort, there are now between 35 and 40 year-round homes in the reservation, and many more in process of construction or conversion. Besides, there are also a number of houses which will continue only as summer places.

The writer and her husband have lived here now almost two years and have found Cape Loch Haven in Anne Arundel County, ideal as a place to live, in any and all of the four seasons.

By: Mrs. Harold A Trafton

Cape Loch Haven

R.1, Box 181, Edgewater, Md. ----- March 3 1953

*Mr. William Walton Purdy died January 22, 1954 and was buried in the old Brewer burying ground January 24, 1954 (Aged 79) He is survived by his wife, Mrs. W.W. Purdy, and three children, B.W. Purdy, Mrs. Ethrym E. Woodburn, and Dudley W. Purdy, and six grandchildren.

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*It is documented in Patent 11/135; Pat11/462 (1667) that Lord Baltimore patented (deeded)John Brewer 300 acres rather than 400.